Maithili Thakur Famous Indian Classical Singer

Maithili Thakur 20-YO Famous Indian Singer Gem Of Bihar

Have you ever heard the sweet voice of 20-year old Maithili Thakur, the famous Indian singer trained in Indian Classical music? Do you know this little angel, daughter of Bihar, started learning music from the tender age of three years? Today, she and her two younger brothers are the sensations of the people of all ages and rocking on stages in India and abroad. Continue reading to know more about this inspirational girl and also watch her amazing singing videos.

Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated In Hard Times?

Life is a journey and you can always expect hard times in this journey. Everyone faces hard times in life. You should learn to handle the situations, need the motivation to overcome hard times. How do you manage hard times in life journey? Do you know how to stay motivated in hard times. How To …

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Veena Venugopal

Veena Venugopal India’s First TV Anchor In A Wheelchair

Being in a wheelchair is no barrier to Veena Venugopal who is always vivacious, like a gurgling stream. She is always speaking with joyous abandon and a sense of optimism which is unparalleled. Her never give up attitude and the help of an NGO MIND, helped her overcome challenges and change her life into success. The wheelchair doesn’t limit Veena Venugopal from proving the power of dreaming high and achieving success in life. Her dedication and commitment helped her to achieve her goal to become the TV anchor in a wheelchair in India. Let’s congratulate and support her for success in life.

Shivangi The First Woman Pilot Of Indian Navy

Shivangi The First Woman Pilot Of Indian Navy

These days trending news in the media and social media is about a Bihari girl Lieutenant Shivangi. She has raised the name of Bihar in history by becoming the first woman pilot of Indian Navy. Shivangi will join naval operations on completion of operational training on December 2, 2019. Let’s find her inspiring success story.

Stop Bad Habits That Destroy Motivation

How To Stop Bad Habits? 15 Habits That Destroy Motivation

Habits control human life. Some habits are the reason for your success and some habits are like magnets that pull you away from your goals. They destroy your motivation and slow down your growth. Continue reading to know whether you are affected with any bad habits that are destroying your motivation. Also learn how to stop bad habits.

Payal Jangid The First Indian To Win Global Goals Changemaker Award

17-Year Old Payal Jangid First Indian To Win Global Goals Changemaker Award

Have you heard the news about 17-year old Payal Jangid who won the global ‘Changemaker’ award in New York, bringing more pride to India? If not, continue reading to know about the inspiring success story of this young girl. 17-Year Old Payal Jangid – Changemaker Award Winner Most people expect children to be either passive …

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How To Give Your Weakness To One Who Helps

How To Give Your Weakness To One Who Helps

Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. Some people identify their weakness and try to improve, but others do not identify or correct their weakness. They give more preference to strengths than weaknesses.

Spread Happiness

Easy Ways To Spread Happiness | All Surrender Is Not A Defeat

Many of us are suffering from the ego problem. We do not want to bow our head to anyone. We want to prove that we are correct. Many small problems that can solve through discussions are not being settled. But we make it bigger because of our ego. Instead of creating a fight and destruction, we should try to solve problems and spread happiness.

Why Most People Never Get Rich

Get Rich | Why Most People Never Get Rich?

Many people cannot improve their lives or get rich because of their negative attitudes. They do not explore new ideas or even reject help offer from others because they are afraid of taking risks and fearful of failures.

Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

Inspiring Story Of Aryan Mishra 18 Year Old Indian Astronomer

Have you heard about Aryan Mishra, the 18-year-old Indian astronomer whose curiosity in space led him to discover an unknown asteroid in a nationwide asteroid search campaign? At an age when most children confused what to study next, which career to choose, Aryan Mishra is busy scaling the night sky, discovering asteroids and giving inspirational talks worldwide.