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The Difference Between Frenemies And Friends

What Is The Difference Between Frenemies And Friends?

Do you believe everyone who helps you out of the trouble is your friend and everyone who does something wrong to you is your enemy? You are not just the one, but this is common thinking among most people including me. But that is not the real picture. Let us find the difference between friends and frenemies.

Why Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life | Moral Story And Poem

Why Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life | Moral Story And Poem

Patience is essential for good physical and mental health because patience helps to overcome challenges with more flexibility in a better way than your expectation.

Negative Self Talk

Negative Self Talk | Bad Effects And Solutions

Have you ever thought about how much your words matter? The words have control and influence in your life. Many times you have heard and read words spoken with others can make your friend or enemy. But do you know positive self-talk can make your day bright and negative self-talk can make it stressful?

Rich Man Selected A Skilled Driver

How Clever Rich Man Selected A Skilled Driver

A clever rich man called candidates for a driving test to select a skilled driver for his car. He took three candidates to the ground for the test. There was a pit in the middle of the ground. He asked the drivers to test drive to prove their ability.

Never Speak Unnecessary things

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Many people speak and give suggestions about anything even though they don’t have the correct information or knowledge about the topic. They don’t understand or bother about the harm it can make to the individual and community. What we should do? We should never speak about matters unclear to us.

Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

What Are the Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer?

We all pray at least once or twice a day before sunrise and after sunset. Are you able to control the mind from wandering during prayer? Concentration in prayer brings happiness and peace in the mind.

How To Develop Effective Communication Skills

How To Develop Effective Communication Skills With These Simple Tips

For everyday life communication is important. Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill. Many jobs require strong communication skills. Good communication skills help to enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends, family and society. Learn to develop effective communication skills fundamental to a successful life.

Why Most People Never Get Rich

Get Rich | Why Most People Never Get Rich?

Many people cannot improve their lives or get rich because of their negative attitudes. They do not explore new ideas or even reject help offer from others because they are afraid of taking risks and fearful of failures.

True Love Do not Mind Deficiencies Of Relation

True Love Do not Mind Deficiencies Of Relation

Do you have true love with your family and relations? Are you getting true love from your family members? What will be your response when you find any deficiency or any kind of major health problems of your spouse or other family members? Sometimes, better to act like you have not seen the deficiencies of relation. True love will bring only happiness and will not make any loss.

Know Who You Are Ignore Baseless Comments

Why Should Ignore Baseless Comments And Prove Your Personality?

Many people fall and can’t succeed in life because they have to face baseless comments and unexpected judgements. They find it difficult to handle the situation and that become an obstacle to the growth in their life. Ignore Baseless Comments