Rinta Rajan

Rinta Rajan, RN MSN (CVTS), Nurse Educator. She is providing useful health education for the general public as well as nursing care of certain disease conditions and its nursing management. It is mainly focused for nurses preparing for licensing exams which includes NCLEX-RN, HAAD, MOH and DHA.

Facts About Hand Sanitisers During COVID-19

10 Must Know Facts About Hand Sanitisers During COVID-19

Are you aware of the facts about hand sanitisers that are widely used as recommended by the health departments? During the pandemic COVID-19, we all have heard and learned a new term ‘Hand sanitisers’ and today this term is well known to everyone even to small kids. Although these days hand sanitisers are widely used, there are a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding about hand sanitisers. This article is aimed to remove your common doubts and spread awareness about the use and points to keep in mind when purchasing and using hand sanitisers to stay safe from COVID-19.

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