Animated Moral Story For Kids - Who Is Great

Who Is Great Animated Moral Story For Kids

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2021)

Many people have a thought in their mind that ‘I am great, but others are not great like me.’ Have you ever had this kind of thought in your mind? This ‘who is great’ animated moral story for kids teaches us a moral lesson that no one is great because everyone is unique having individual skills and talents.

It’s quite natural for humans to think like this. People want status, money, wealth to prove that they are great. The interesting fact is really great people do not have this kind of thought in their mind. You will find those great people are very humble and they treat others as great.

Who Is Great? Animated Moral Story For Kids

On the bank of the river, a mango tree and a neem tree were present in a farmer’s land. The farmer saw that and took care of the mango tree by cultivating it. He didn’t care about the neem tree. So, the mango tree thought it was great as the farmer is taking good care of it and got pride for that.

Both the trees grew at the same time. Both give class and seeds. The mango fruits are sweet whereas for neem they up bitter. As everyone is eating the sweet mango fruits, the mango tree got more pride and it stopped talking to the neem tree.

The neem tree saw this and said “why are you not being with me like in the past. The mango tree said “there is no comparison between you and me. I give sweet fruits to eat whereas you give bitter ones. So, why would I bother you neem?

The Neem tree replies, “now don’t be happy as you give sweet fruits, even my seeds are so useful do you know?”

A coconut tree was watching the argument. It got very irritated and said, “oh stop the argument, it’s irritating.”

The mango tree said, “What happened coconut tree? Why are you irritated? We cannot decide who is great.”

The neem tree said to the coconut tree, “you say who is great between us and this argument will end and will be quiet.”

The coconut tree replied, “you crazy, no one is great, we all have our own greatness. So there is no point in an argument. So stop it.

But the mango tree asked to decide between them.

The coconut tree replied, “okay I’ll tell you because you are forcing me. But do not take that to heart.”

Both nodded their heads.

The coconut tree said, “in my opinion neem tree is great.”

The Mango tree asked, “how can you say that.”

For that, the coconut tree replied, “everyone likes to eat the sweet mango fruits and will be satisfied to eat them. Neem seeds are bitter to eat but it contains medicinal properties to cure many diseases. So in my view neem is great, then as your wish.”

The mango tree become angry and said, “no, this is not cute, you are jealous of me. So you supported neem. I will not agree with you.”

After some time the mango tree was affected by fungus and pests. So the roots began to rot, leaves and roots began to follow, even the branches begin to dry. The farmer saw this. He immediately took the neem seeds and made powder out of them and applied it to the roots of the mango tree. The mango tree got rid of the pests and again becomes strong. Then the mango tree realised that the coconut tree was right.

Giving sweet fruits is not great but to be useful for medicinal purposes is great. It agreed with the coconut tree and lived friendly with the neem tree.

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Moral of the story – Who is great

We should not look down on others’ qualities. Each Person is great in his own place. But the role and the duty of one differ from the other.


Never judge a person without knowing the facts about him. What you see or hear may not be the quality and reality of that person. Some people may not have a decent look or lifestyle. They may look simple and not well educated. But they may have outstanding talents and skills, maybe an excellent singer, talented painter or expert in other fields. It is also possible that they are well educated but not getting a good job or might have lost their job. Everyone is unique. So, underestimate no one by his look. So, never think you are great and others are not great as you. You should learn to respect others and respect your parents.

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