What Makes A Good Life? Incredible Lessons

What Makes A Good Life? Incredible Lessons
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)
What makes a good Life? Do you think fame and money will make your life happy as you go through life? If yes, you are not alone, many people think this way and they do their best to make life happy.  But, according to Robert Waldingerpsychiatrist, you are wrong.  Many people are unaware that there is something more important than gaining wealth and fame.

“There isn’t time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that.” Mark Twain


What Makes A Good Life? Incredible Lessons!

In this Ted talk, Robert Waldinger shares three important lessons learned from the study, as the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development.
This speech helps us realise how significant it is to build good relationships with family, friends and society. Many time we are apt to ignore this truth and wasting valuable time and energy on other matters and keeping our mind stressful and unhappy.
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The Almighty God created the human beautiful. But what makes them not beautiful is their attitude. Nobody is perfect. If there is a desire to change every person can change their life. Always try to be a better person. We live in this world together. If all the people rise together, we can make the world beautiful and peaceful.

What is happiness?

Happiness is being grateful, feeling content. People work hard to earn more wealth. Some people do hard work even ignoring food and health. They have no time to eat, no time to take care of their health. Never satisfied even though earning enough and more wealth to survive for generations. And at the end, one day get sick and spend a good amount on treatment. They forget to enjoy life. Missed to enjoy with family, children, parents and community.  Remember, Money can’t buy everything required in life. You may say why not? Find what are the things you can’t buy with money.

Love others

Loving others as you love yourself is the simple and the best solution to happiness. This is what the world lacks in the present world. Give proper respect and love to others and bond the relation tight.

Loving others as you love yourself is the simple and the best solution to happiness. Click To Tweet

When you love a person, he feels happy and that happiness pass on to your mind. Respect others as you wish to get respect from them. If you don’t respect others, they will never respect you. Find Brilliant Ways to Make People Respect You Immediately.

Help others

Take a decision you don’t want to be rich but just need being self-sufficient.  You may see poverty wherever you go. Realise that it is your duty to help the needy. Helping Others Is The Best Way To Brighten Your Life 

Helping the poor is a great feeling because they smile all the time, and friendly. They will make you realise that running after money is not life, but you need being enough. Enough food, money, have a shelter, etc.

Healthy relationship

In the present world, people are spending more time on the smartphone’s screen and very less time with family and society. Children also don‘t have time to spend with parents because many hours they are in the school, then study at home and balance time on smartphones, TV etc. Communication in the family and society has become a dream only. People are busy for nothing. It is time for us to live a better life by replacing screen time with people’s time. A good life is built with good relationships.

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Happy Life Quote Paul Bloom
Quote Happy Life Paul Bloom

Better relationships with parents

Kids whose families have frequent meals together have better relationships with their parents and perform better in their studies and life. There should be at least one meal together in a day and you can make the dining table for discussing the activities of the day. That will create an environment to solve many problems and relieve all the stress from the mind. Sharing Problems With Family Is Important For Happiness.

Take care of the aged parents

Many children find it difficult to take care of their aged parents and also it has become a fashion to throw the aged parents in old age homes. Life in the old age homes creates loneliness and discomfort for aged parents because they do not have freedom or any relatives there to love. Take care of the aged parents and make them happy.

Workplace stress

Many people are suffering from workplace stress and depression. One of the main causes of depression is the lack of social interaction. Socialising more with family members and close friends can brighten up the mood because that helps to divert the mind to another state and make a much happier and satisfied with the day. You can easily Convert Depression Into Happiness.


Many people associate money, wealth and fame with happiness. In the long run, you realise that money, wealth, fame and such worldly things has no meaning with happiness. Having a strong bond with others is essential. We as a single are not meant to function all alone throughout our entire lives. Healthy communication with others, sharing love and knowledge, helping the needy are important for success and happiness in this short life. That is what the creator wants from us.

Remember Life will not be always happy. Life should be lived with intensity. A balanced life should have both happy and sad moments. That way you can be well rounded and the best you can be in life.

So what about you?  How do you make your life happy?

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  1. I think that the power of helping others is often underrated. I find that helping out where I can helps me keep perspective on my life and the things that I have to be grateful for.

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