Remya Ganesh

Remya Ganesh

My honest wish is that each and every person in this world disabled or otherwise, get their fair share of education. Education alone will uplift and bring us out of our limited possibilities. The world is huge and there is space for all of us to flourish.

Remya Ganesh Wheelchair Model And Dancer


Remya Ganesh was born in Kannadikkal, a picturesque village in Kozhikkode, Kerala State, India. Remya was born as a healthy baby girl to her parents Mr. Ganeshen and Mrs. Sathidevi. 

Remya was a little doll for her brother Satheesh and sister Sajitha.

Remya told that Sukhadev is the person who brought her to the outer world.

Inspiring STORy

When she was nine months old, the side effect of Polio vaccination caused a huge ruckus in her body and eventually caused a ripple effect in her body.

Remya Ganesh 

Remya Ganesh is always in a wheelchair, but today she is a wheelchair model, dancer, and also a motivational speaker. 

Wheelchair Model And Dancer

Remya Ganesh proves that if you have self-confidence, a positive attitude, courage, and support from others, no power in the world can stop you from achieving success.

Swapna Chitra

Remya was the coordinator of a drawing competition for the disabled conducted by ‘Swapna Chitra’. She is very interested in reading and writing poems.

first dance performance in a wheelchair

It was a great dream for her to dance. With her condition, but she couldn’t explore the dream much. ‘Team Sustrai‘ helped her to achieve her dream. 

She dreams to help those children who are with intellectual impairment. She wants to encourage and motivate people with any type of disability that they should be strong, confident, and fight for their dreams.