Unity Is Strength Kids Moral Story

Unity Is Strength – Animated Moral Story

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2022)

You might have heard the phrase ‘ United you win and divided you fall ‘. What does it mean? It means unity is strength. When you are united, none can do any damage to anyone. But when you are divided, your enemies can destroy you all. Continue reading and watch the animated story.

When you are united, none can do any damage to anyone. But when you are divided, your enemies can destroy you all. Click To Tweet

What does unity is strength means?

Unity is strength means staying united in all situations. You can easily break a stick, but you can’t break a whole bunch of sticks together. Because a bunch of sticks is stronger than a single stick. In the same way, when you are united in all situations, your decisions are the same and strong. Your enemies can’t do any harm to you. But the moment you are divided, your enemies will take advantage of the situation and make you fight each other.

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Unity Is Strength

Unity is strength – Moral Story

Long long ago four cows lived in a beautiful village. They lived upon made of friendship and harmony. They were always a team and did everything together. They loved one another and always had each other’s back. Fearing their unity no other animal in the village bothered their gang. Four of them went to the forest every morning in search of food.

On one such day, the king of the forest, the lion, laid its eyes on the cows. It was wondering to itself saying good lord, these cows looked delicious, given a chance there will be no escaping me from them. And so the lion was eagerly waiting for a day to make a male out of the cows.

One morning the cows were grazing as usually and the lion wanted to make the best use of that opening. It was on them in one go. But the cows sense the attack real quick and fight back. The lion did not stand a chance in front of the strength of the four cows and ran for its life. A fox was watching all of these from not so far away. The lion was badly injured from the fight with the cows. It did not expect such strength from an animal like a cow. It was thinking to itself saying “Holy Moses, are they strong? They bit me up into pulp, those merciless creatures. the pain might just kill me.”

The Fox came to pay a visit to the injured lion. It looked at the lion, “Is that you, my lord? My heart sinks seeing you like this, this is as bad as it can get. If the king of the forest can be put through such pain what about the safety of the rest of the creatures in the forest. Those cows ganged up against you and they need to pay a price for it. I think I might just have the right plan for you.”

The lion heard him but did not have the spirits for an act of revenge. But the Fox knew that the lion needed a strong push. It began to say, “you need to understand me, my lord, those cows cannot breathe another day, they think they are invincible, but they are not. United they win, but divided they fall.”

The Fox’s words did wonders on the lion as it rode with vigour.

On one of those days, the Fox found one of the cows lying alone and jumped in joy. It went to the cow and said, “hello there, mighty creature, stories about the valour and muscle of your race are echoing in the forest. You are the talk of the town except there is this thing.”

The cow frowned as it asked, what is it?

Well, it is just that I heard one of your friends thrashing you saying you are the dummy of the gang. They were telling everybody that you do nothing but eat and sleep. I felt bad and I thought you should know.

It was not pleasant to the cow. The Fox played the same trick on the other cows too. The cow giving Fox’s word. They began to trust each other less with each day. They hurt each other and ended up all alone.

The lion who waited for a day like this took its revenge. It ate one cow after the other with an evil laugh on its face. The Fox lived off the leftovers and was happy too.

So, children, this is why it is said that United you win and divided you fall. Stick up for your good friends and see how great you are when you are united.

Unity Is Strength – English Animated Moral Story

Why unity is strength?

It is very important to stay united in order to lead a peaceful and happy life, When the family members are united, there will be happiness in the family. When the people in a community is united, there will be peace and happiness.

Unity helps to grow and achieve success

Do you think you can grow alone without support from others? Not at all, we need support and guidance from others to grow. United teamwork is essential for the success of a business. Unity is important for the team to win a game.

Unity gives courage and strength

Sometimes you may feel fear to face challenges. But if you get support from others then you get the courage to fight together. When you are united, you can bring unexpected changes in your life and in society. This way unity gives courage, hope, strength and also helps to make changes in society.

Unity gives inspiration and motivation

Sometimes you may feel laziness in studying or working alone. When you are in isolation, you cannot get inspiration. But when you are in a group, you get inspired by each other in study, personal and professional matters. You get inspiration from others and their hard work. Their positive attitude gives you the motivation to overcome obstacles and achieve success. With motivation and inspiration from others, you can accomplish your goals successfully.

It is a fact that there are certain anti-elements that are disturbing the unity among the people. We can find many such anti-elements in our life journey. It is our responsibility to identify them and do not allow them to divide the unity among people in the family and community.


Hope that you liked the above story and enjoyed watching the animated video. Unity is strength and unity is important for a successful life. But you must ensure that you are not united with bad friends because bad friends will damage your life. Try to make more good friends and be united with them. It is important to share problems with your family because your parents and family members are the most trustable persons who can solve your problems. Parents are the first and best teachers of their children. Always respect your parents and listen to them. Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

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