The Traveller And The Wise Master: Moral Story For Kids

The Traveller And The Wise Master

The age-old tale of the traveller and the wise Master shines as a guiding beacon. We filled modern life with desires, worries, and expectations. This story unveils a timeless lesson—a reminder to anchor ourselves in the present. The story of the traveller and the wise master teaches how wisdom can empower us to navigate the turbulent waters of today’s world, paving a path towards genuine happiness and inner peace.

The Traveller And The Wise Master

Once upon a time, in a land where the trees whispered secrets and the rivers sparkled like diamonds, there was a wise Master renowned throughout the kingdom for his serenity and boundless wisdom. People came from far and wide to seek his guidance and bask in the glow of his profound knowledge.

One day, a traveller with a heart full of questions approached the Master. With great respect, the traveller bowed before him and humbly implored, “Oh, revered Master, I have traversed valleys and mountains, seeking the elusive path to happiness. Please, kind sage, bestow upon me your wisdom.”

A warm smile spread across the Master’s face as he gestured for the traveller to sit beside him on the bank of a crystal-clear stream. The sunlight danced on the water’s surface, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow.

“The path to happiness,” began the Master in a voice as gentle as a breeze, “is much like the flowing waters of this stream.”

The traveller leaned in, his curiosity piqued, and he listened intently, captivated by the Master’s words.

“Imagine,” continued the Master, “standing at the edge of a swift river, its currents fierce and determined, pulling at everything in its path. Many fear to cross, for the waters, are uncertain and treacherous.”

In the traveller’s mind, the river came to life – a powerful force symbolizing life’s challenges and uncertainties.

“Now,” the Master went on, “imagine discovering a sturdy bamboo pole resting on the riverbank. With steady hands, you grasp it firmly and place your foot upon a stepping stone within the river.”

In the traveller’s imagination, he stood upon that stone, holding the bamboo pole for balance. The Master’s words held him in rapt attention.

“This bamboo pole,” explained the Master, “represents your inner stillness, the foundation of peace within you. And each stepping stone symbolizes moments of mindfulness and presence.”

Understanding began to dawn in the traveller’s eyes as he started to see the deeper meaning behind the metaphor.

“The key to happiness,” the Master continued, “is releasing your attachment to the rushing river of desires, worries, and expectations. Instead, focus on each stepping stone as it appears before you. Embrace the present moment with purpose and gratitude.”

As the traveller envisioned himself letting go of the bamboo pole and taking step after step on the stones, he felt a profound sense of peace and contentment washing over him. The rush of the river was still there, but his focus had shifted to the beauty of each individual moment.

With the setting sun casting a golden hue over the landscape, the traveller realized that in the bustling world outside, the river of desires and worries roared louder than ever. Yet, armed with the wisdom of the river, bamboo pole, and stepping stones, one could choose to remain anchored in the splendour of each passing moment.

And so, with the gentle wisdom of the Master’s teachings etched in his heart, the traveller embarked on a journey – a journey not only to discover the path to happiness but to find profound joy and contentment in every step, amidst the rushing currents of life.

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Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is that in the midst of life’s rushing desires, worries, and expectations, finding happiness and contentment comes from staying focused on the present moment.

Just like stepping on stones in a river, we can navigate through challenges by embracing each moment with gratitude and mindfulness, letting go of attachments to worries and embracing the beauty of now. This mindful approach leads us to a journey of profound happiness and inner peace. This story teaches us how to live a happy life.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the tale of the traveller and the wise Master reminds us that the path to happiness isn’t always about chasing after what we want or fretting about what might happen. Instead, it’s about finding tranquillity in the present moment. Just like the traveller learned to step from stone to stone, we too can choose to let go of the tumultuous river of desires and worries. By embracing the calmness within us, represented by the sturdy bamboo, and by focusing on the small yet meaningful moments of life, symbolized by the stepping stones, we can embark on a journey of true and lasting happiness. In today’s fast-paced world, this story offers a gentle reminder that amid life’s challenges, we can find our own stepping stones to a more serene and contented existence.

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