Shrestha Anupam Of Bhagalpur Cracked UPSC CSE 2019 With AIR 19

Shrestha Anupam Of Bhagalpur

Have you heard the success story of Shrestha Anupam of Bhagalpur who cracked the UPSC Civil Services Examination with AIR 19? This is a proud and joyful moment for the people of Bhagalpur, especially for the students and administration of St. Joseph’s School and SKP Vidya Vihar of Bhagalpur.

How To Prepare For UPSC IAS Exam And Stay Focused?

Ultimate Tips For UPSC IAS Exam

Everyone knows that Civil Services Examination questions are like an ocean. It is really difficult to complete the study as per the syllabus because you don’t get enough time to cover all the materials. When you try to cover all the study materials in the available time, you feel difficulty, frustration, tension and stress. So you need to be focused on studies on the available time limit. Ansar Shaikh IAS sharing simple tips from his experience about how to stay focused while studying for UPSC IAS exam.

Ansar Shaikh Son Of An Auto Driver Became IAS At 21

Ansar Shaikh IAS

Are you a bright student wishes to achieve a successful top career like IAS or other professions? Do you think such top careers can’t fulfil because your poor parents can’t manage the cost required for such studies? Ansar Shaikh IAS, son of a poor auto driver proved that everything is possible if you have a desire and dedication to hard work. It is the positive attitude that sets Ansar Shaikh apart from others. He proves that your attitude to never back down, face challenges fearless of failures and be steadfast in achieving your goal will lead you to success.

S Sushree IPS 23-Yo Girl The First Youngest IPS In India

Girl From Kerala S. Sushree IPS

Have you heard the inspiring success story of S. Sushree IPS, 23-year-old girl from Kerala who qualified the UPSC exam in her first attempt and secured 151st rank? After completion of her training at Dehradun and National Police Academy at Hyderabad subsequently, on 11th November 2019, Sushree has joined Odisha cadre. Let’s find glimpses of her success story. Her success story proves that hard work and support from parents are necessary for the success of a child.

How Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer?

Pranjal Patil (Visually Challenged Woman) Became An IAS Officer

Pranjal Patil, India’s first visually challenged woman IAS officer took charge as Sub Collector of Thiruvananthapuram on Oct 14, 2019. The success story of Pranjal Patil proves that determination and hard work is the key to success. Never worry about your weaknesses or disabilities. Have a positive attitude, move forward fearless of failures and achieve success in life.

How Sreedhanya Suresh Poor Tribal Girl Cracked UPSC Exam?

Sreedhanya Suresh IAS UPSC

Despite several government initiatives to uplift the tribal community members, some tribal areas are still in backwardness. It’s a moment of pride and glory for the people of Kerala, India. Sreedhanya Suresh, the 26-year-old tribal girl from Pozhuthana panchayat, Dist. Wayanad has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Examination with a national rank of 410. She is the first person from a tribal community in Wayanad to crack the UPSC exams, that too with an excellent rank of 410.

Inspiring Story Of Tapasya Parihar IAS Daughter Of A Farmer

Inspiring Story Of Tapasya Parihar IAS

Have you heard the inspiring success story of Tapasya Parihar IAS who bagged the 23rd All India rank in the Civil services examination 2017? Tapasya Parihar is the daughter of a farmer from Narsinghpur district in Madhya Pradesh, India. She is an inspiration to many girls. Let’s find more about her and how she achieved … Read more

How Sweta Agarwal Beat All Odds To Become An IAS Officer

Sweta Agarwal Beat All Odds And Became An IAS Officer

Have you heard the inspirational Sweta Agarwal, a grocer’s daughter from Bhadreshwar, beat all odds to become an IAS Officer? How Sweta Agarwal Beat All Odds To Become An IAS Officer? It is difficult for poor parents and for parents with limited income to provide financial support for giving higher education to their children. Due to … Read more