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How Mansi Mehta Started Her Success Journey?

Have you heard the inspiring story of Mansi Mehta, a 15-year old student, poetess, and a column writer from Surat? Mansi Mehta is the Founder of an NGO known as ‘ Kishori Foundation”. She is working for Girls’ empowerment through Life skills, Education, Gender Equality and advance her dream of a literate country.

Good habits and bad habits

Habits Of Successful And Unsuccessful People

We all have good habits and bad habits. We should stop bad habits otherwise that will destroy our life. There are always major differences between successful and unsuccessful people. We can learn many things from the life of successful people. Following their rules for success will help us to move forward and achieve success.

How To Stop Bad Habits That Drag You Down From The Success Ladder?

How To Stop Bad Habits That Drag You Down From The Success Ladder?

Do you have any bad habits? Bad habits don’t mean only about alcoholism, smoking or any such addictions. There are many other habits which you can treat as bad habits. Because those habits drag you down from the success ladder. Continue reading and if you find you have any such habits, then you must stop them. If you don’t stop your bad habits that will become an obstacle to your success in life.

Indra Nooyi Biography Success Story Quotes

Indra Nooyi Biography Success Story

Indra Nooyi is really a good example women empowerment. She is an inspiration to many women in the world, especially for the women in India. Her success proved that women can achieve anything and sky is the limit. Today there are many women entrepreneurs and also women holding responsible positions in many fields. Let’s appreciate and encourage women to take more challenges and become successful in life.

Sheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly

Sheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly House Wife Turned Woman Entrepreneur

This is an inspiring story of House Wife Turned Woman Entrepreneur Sheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly.

The new generation of women across the world has come a long way from just being a homemaker.

These days there are many female entrepreneurs. They have become instrumental in fighting gender stereotyping in the business community.

Let’s meet such a powerful woman, Sheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly from Kerala, India. She is a housewife turned woman entrepreneur, the Managing Director of  V-Star,  who can be easily termed as a role model for every female.

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