Ira Singhal IAS An Example Of The True Power Of A Woman

Ira Singhal IAS

Have you heard the inspirational success story of Ira Singhal IAS? She is a physically challenged woman with a spine-related disorder, which disrupts her arm movement. Despite of the problems, her passion and dedicated hard work helped her to achieve her goal and became an IAS officer. Continue reading the article and also watch her video to know more about her.

Dean Furness Wheelchair Athlete Real-Life Story

Wheelchair Athlete Dean Furness

Have you heard the inspirational real-life story of Wheelchair Athlete Dean Furness who aims to inspire others through a positive approach to owning each day? He advises people to overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others. Dean Furness met with an accident in 2011 which left him as a paraplegic without the use of his legs. … Read more

Haroon Kareem T. K. Blind Student Wrote Kerala Class X Exam Using Laptop

assistive technology Haroon Kareem T K

15-year-old Haroon Kareem reportedly the first visually impaired student used a laptop to write the Kerala state board exams, without scribes. Let us find how he achieved success and created history using assistive technology which is also helpful for other visually impaired students.

Shivangi The First Woman Pilot Of Indian Navy

Shivangi The First Woman Pilot Of Indian Navy

These days trending news in the media and social media is about a Bihari girl Lieutenant Shivangi. She has raised the name of Bihar in history by becoming the first woman pilot of Indian Navy. Shivangi will join naval operations on completion of operational training on December 2, 2019. Let’s find her inspiring success story.

Janhavi Panwar 14-YO Wonder Girl

14-YO Wonder Girl Janhavi Panwar | Motivational Speaker

Many of us search for the source of inspiration in others. We often forget that we are the best source of inspiration for our success. Jahnvi Panwar, the Wonder Girl of India has a different perception on self-help. Find how to become a master in your field after crossing all the difficulties.

Indra Nooyi Biography Success Story

Indra Nooyi Biography Success Story Quotes

Indra Nooyi is really a good example women empowerment. She is an inspiration to many women in the world, especially for the women in India. Her success proved that women can achieve anything and sky is the limit. Today there are many women entrepreneurs and also women holding responsible positions in many fields. Let’s appreciate and encourage women to take more challenges and become successful in life.

Village Boy Created Viral Content Company Wittyfeed

How A Village Boy Created Viral Content Company Wittyfeed?

Do you know how Parveen Singhal, a village boy created the world’s second-largest viral content company Wittyfeed? What is Wittyfeed? WittyFeed is the world’s second-largest content company, proudly established and made in India. It is a “charticle platform for everyone who loves to express, read, write, and explore.” YouTube is a platform for all video creators … Read more

Larry Page Google Co-Founder Success Story

Larry Page Google Co-Founder

Do you know the inspiring success story of Larry Page, co-founder of Google? You might be using Google every day for search, Gmail and much more.  Do you know about the founders of this giant company? Let’s find his inspiring biography, success story and top 10 rules for success. Larry Page – Top 10 Rules … Read more