15 Most Funny English Words That Would Make You Laugh

Funny English Words

Do you know certain odd funny words are part of English vocabulary? If you actually use these funny words in your day-to-day life or your chat messages or your e-mails probably your English will certainly sound very decorated. These words are funny but are meaningful. In this article, 15 funny English words with their meaning and example sentence showing their use are given for your easy understanding.

Secret And Effective Study Hacks | How To Score Highest In Exams

Secret Study Hacks

For many students studying may seem daunting. Learning is an important skill for school and for life. Do you know how to study more effectively to help you improve your grades and retain knowledge? There are some secret study hacks for success that winners use. Continue reading till the end to learn the secret study hacks for the fastest way to cover entire syllabus and score highest in exams.

How To Prepare For UPSC IAS Exam And Stay Focused?

Ultimate Tips For UPSC IAS Exam

Everyone knows that Civil Services Examination questions are like an ocean. It is really difficult to complete the study as per the syllabus because you don’t get enough time to cover all the materials. When you try to cover all the study materials in the available time, you feel difficulty, frustration, tension and stress. So you need to be focused on studies on the available time limit. Ansar Shaikh IAS sharing simple tips from his experience about how to stay focused while studying for UPSC IAS exam.

6 Easy Exam Preparation Tips To Make You Confident

Easy Exam Preparation Tips To Make You Confident

For many students and their parents, exam season is a very stressful period. Instead of motivating, some parents give more stress to their children by forcing them to study for long hours. Some parents often speak comparing with other children and that affect the self-confidence of their children make it hard to concentrate on study. There is no need to stress out or bring unnecessary problems. By following easy exam preparation tips, children can ensure self-confident and ready for anything that comes up in the exam.

Ultimate Success Advice For Students And Young People

Ultimate Success Advice And Quotes

Everyone wants to have a happy, healthy and successful life. Do you want to make a better world, be significant, have a positive impact on people around you? Some people spend their entire lives wondering how to become successful in life, but never figure it out. Many successful people share ultimate success advice from their life experience that are motivational for young people.

Easy Ways To Overcome Laziness In Studying

Easy Tips To Overcome Laziness While Studying

Do you feel laziness in studying? It happens with many students and they don’t know how to overcome laziness in studying. Many students feel sleepy or bored while studying. That laziness diverts their mind to entertainments and smartphone addictions. Are you searching for solutions to overcome laziness? Let’s find a few reasons and solutions for … Read more

How To Focus On Studies – How To Tune Out Distractions

How To Tune Out Distractions

Are you facing distractions while studying and find it difficult to focus on your studies? Distractions are not good in the study because you will lose concentration on your studies. Do you like to learn how to tune out distractions and focus on your studies to achieve success? In this article, you can find simple … Read more