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Never Judge A Person Without Knowing The Truth

Never Judge A Person Without Knowing The Truth

Some people have a habit of talking wrong about a person just by looking at his dress or status. They may not know anything about that person, but just heard some fake news from others. Never judge a person without knowing the truth because what you see or hear may not be the quality and reality of that person.

Friends and Frenemies

The Difference Between Friends And Frenemies

Do you believe everyone who helps you out of the trouble is your friend and everyone who does something wrong to you is your enemy? You are not just the one, but this is common thinking among most people including me. But that is not the real picture. Let us find the difference between friends and frenemies.

Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life

Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life

Patience is essential for good physical and mental health because patience helps to overcome challenges with more flexibility in a better way than your expectation.

Never Speak

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Many people speak and give suggestions about anything even though they don’t have the correct information or knowledge about the topic. They don’t understand or bother about the harm it can make to the individual and community. What we should do? We should never speak about matters unclear to us.

Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

We all pray at least once or twice a day before sunrise and after sunset. Are you able to control the mind from wandering during prayer? Concentration in prayer brings happiness and peace in the mind.

True Love

True Love | Don’t Mind Deficiencies Of Relation

Sometimes, better to act like you have not seen some of the deficiencies of relation. That true true love will bring only happiness in your life and will not make any loss.

Know Who You Are Ignore Baseless Comments

Ignore Baseless Comments | Know Who You Are

Many people fall and can’t succeed in life because they have to face baseless comments and unexpected judgements. They find it difficult to handle the situation and that become an obstacle to the growth in their life. Ignore Baseless Comments

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