Physical Punishment Of Children

Is Physical Punishment Of Children Good For Children’s Development?

Many parents, caregivers and teachers believe that physical punishment is necessary to correct the mistakes and make the children disciplined. Are you one of them? If yes, understand that disciplinary violence do not help the children correct the mistakes, but it impact a lot in their mental health of the child.

Power Of Gratitude

Power Of Gratitude | How Gratitude Can Change Your Life?

Have you ever experienced the power of gratitude? We show our gratitude to someone who has helped us or given us a gift. Many of us express gratitude by saying “Thank You!” Do you think saying words is gratitude? No. Gratitude is not just an action but it is also a positive emotion.

Stop Child Trafficking Spread Awareness

How To Stop Child Trafficking? | Spread Awareness

We hear news about child trafficking in many countries. This is a very dangerous problem. Many children, even adults do not know much about trafficking. What is child trafficking?
How many children are affected by child trafficking?
What are the reasons for child trafficking? Pledge your support in creating awareness about child trafficking and fight for our children.

Sreedhanya Suresh Poor Tribal Girl Cracked UPSC Exam

How Sreedhanya Suresh Poor Tribal Girl Cracked UPSC Exam?

Despite several government initiatives to uplift the tribal community members, some tribal areas are still in backwardness. It’s a moment of pride and glory for the people of Kerala, India. Sreedhanya Suresh, the 26-year-old tribal girl from Pozhuthana panchayat, Dist. Wayanad has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Examination with a national rank of 410. She is the first person from a tribal community in Wayanad to crack the UPSC exams, that too with an excellent rank of 410.

Effects Of Overparenting

How Overparenting Damage The Future Of Children?

Support and valuable advice of parents at a certain level helps the child to boost self-confidence, build a closer bond between parent and child, and become successful in life. But some parents go beyond the limit, load their kids with high expectations and micromanage their lives on every point. They do not know overparenting do not help but damage the future of the children.

Teaching Children Bad Lessons

How To Avoid Teaching Children Bad Lessons?

It worries many parents how to raise their kids and for that they make many restrictions and teach them bad lessons. This kind of teaching and restrictions lead them in the wrong way and affect their mental health and self-confident. Parents should avoid teaching children bad lessons for success in life.

Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

Never Forget Parents Struggle And Sacrifice For Your Success

Do you remember or know your parents struggle behind your success? Many children forget or take it as a duty parents fulfilled. Is it good? You should never forget parents struggle and sacrifice for your success. They will be much more happier to get your love than getting more money. Why parents struggle for their …

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Foods To Increase Weight In Toddlers

5 Foods To Increase Weight In Toddlers

This is a Guest Post by Akansha Bansal, (Co-Founder & Business Head- Strategy, Community & User Growth), Budding Star Innovations. Weight gain is a major concern for every mother of a toddler. However, a primary attention should always be given to a balanced diet wherein child gets all vital nutrients for his growth and development. …

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Awesome Parenting Tips To Become Better Parent

How To Become Better Parent? | Awesome Parenting Tips

Are you a parent looking for easy ways to become better parent? If yes, you have reached the right place. Let’s find awesome tips to become better parent. How to become better parent? You can only give what you have. If you can’t manage your own emotions, can’t change your bad habits, then you can’t …

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