How Sudha Murty Convinced Her Son To Not Host A Birthday Party at a 5-star hotel?

Sudha Murty Son Birthday Party

In the present world, many parents spend a lot of money on the birthday party of their children every year. Not only the birthday of children but also the birthdays of parents. Not just birthday celebrations, we spend a lot of money on other celebrations. When you spend a lot of money on these celebrations your workers, neighbors, relatives, friends may be struggling to feed their children, educate them and even buy a simple dress or uniform. There is a saying that “parents are the first and best teachers for their children.” It is very true. Children learn many things from their parents, family, and relatives.

Easy Ways To Raise Successful Kids (Without Over-Parenting)

Raise Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting

These days many parents are following a certain style of parenting. A kind of parenting that messing up kids, impeding the chances of kids to develop and grow into themselves. Why it is happening? Because parents are fearful to allow kids to take risks because they are not confident. They give more restrictions and punishments if kids don’t follow their directions.

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Guidelines – COVID-19

COVID-19 WHO Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Guidelines

We all know COVID-19 outbreak has affected the whole world and everyone is worried and tensed about this disease. In normal days, pregnant and breastfeeding women have to take proper care. WHO has published COVID-19 pregnancy and breastfeeding guidelines for women to take proper care to prevent infection.

Healthy Parenting Tips In The Time Of COVID-19

COVID-19 Corna Virus Healthy Parenting Tips

Due to COVID-19 outbreak schools are shut down and children are at home. Many parents find it difficult to control naughty children who are bored sitting at home. WHO has published some useful tips for healthy parenting in the time of COVID-19. These tips are to help parents interact constructively with their children during this … Read more

How To Handle Girls Life In The Best Way (9 Principles Only For Girls)

9 Principles To Handle Girls Life In The Best Way

Do you know the 9 principles to handle girls life in the best way? Have you fallen into negative friendships, addicted to social media or other such time-wasting activities? Are you a teenage girl struggling with mental stress because of the fear to share your problems with parents or other good friends? If yes, this … Read more

How Naina Jaiswal Became PhD Student At 16 And Table Tennis Star

Naina Jaiswal Became PhD Student At 16 And Table Tennis Star

Have you heard the inspiring story of Naina Jaiswal, Table Tennis Star? Naina Jaiswal passed 10th class at 8, Intermediate at 10, Graduate at 13, Post Graduate at 15 and enrolled for PhD at 16. All these success achieved only through study at home and coaching by parents. Read her inspiring story to know more about this multi talented girl and her activities.

Physical Punishment Of Children Is Not Good For Children’s Development

Physical Punishment Of Children

Many parents, caregivers and teachers believe that physical punishment is necessary to correct the mistakes and make the children disciplined. Are you one of them? If yes, understand that disciplinary violence does not help the children correct the mistakes, but it impacts a lot in the mental health of the child. Continue reading and watch the video of Esha Sridhar in which she talks about her life experiences.

Parents Beware | This Is Dangerous Than Drug Addiction 

Smartphone Addiction Is Dangerous Than Drug Addiction 

One of the most anxiety-producing issues of 21st-century life is Smartphone addiction. Small kids are addicted to using smartphones for playing video games and other entertainments. Abnormal usage of screentime will affect their health and brain development. Many parents don’t realise the fact that this is dangerous than drug addiction. Recently, The World Health Organization issued strict new guidelines on the usage and risks of smartphone addiction among kids.

How Overparenting Damage The Future Of Your Children?

Effects Of Overparenting

Support and valuable advice of parents at a certain level helps the child to boost self-confidence, build a closer bond between parent and child, and become successful in life. But some parents go beyond the limit, load their kids with high expectations and micromanaging their lives at every point. They do not know overparenting does not help but damage the future of the children.

Teaching Children Bad Lessons | Why And How To Avoid?

Teaching Children Bad Lessons

It worries many parents how to raise their kids and for that they make many restrictions and teach them bad lessons. This kind of teaching and restrictions lead them in the wrong way and affect their mental health and self-confident. Parents should avoid teaching children bad lessons for success in life.