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Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated In Hard Times?

Life is a journey and you can always expect hard times in this journey. Everyone faces hard times in life. You should learn to handle the situations, need the motivation to overcome hard times. How do you manage hard times in life journey? Do you know how to stay motivated in hard times. How To …

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Face Challenges Fearless Of Failures And Turn Failure Into Success

How To Turn Failure Into Success?

You may have the talent and skill to achieve success, but the fearful mind does not allow to take action. Challenges are part of life. Without facing and overcoming challenges you can never achieve success. Do you fear about failures in life? If yes, nothing to worry much about this problem. Many people are fearful of failures. And that fear doesn’t allow to move forward and achieve success. Let’s find how to face challenges fearless of failures and turn failure into success.

Self-Discipline Benefits

Self Discipline Benefits | Why Self-Discipline Is So Hard To Master?

You must have heard many times about the importance of maintaining self discipline. Also you might have heard people saying about someone, “he has no discipline”. Do you know why people are giving much importance to self-discipline and what are self discipline benefits?

How To Give Your Weakness To One Who Helps

How To Give Your Weakness To One Who Helps

Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. Some people identify their weakness and try to improve, but others do not identify or correct their weakness. They give more preference to strengths than weaknesses.

Power Of Thought | Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Mind

Power Of Thought | How To Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Mind?

Our thoughts are like magnets and control our world. This is a problem most people including me facing in life. Power of thought controls our daily life. Positive thoughts are good and give happiness in mind. But negative thoughts give stress, fear and disturb our mind.

Disturbed Mind

Disturbed Mind | How To Keep Mind Free From Disturbance?

In the life journey, we all experience dissatisfaction and disturbed mind. That is human nature and part of life. The reasons are many and depend on the individual and situation.

Rinku Sawhney Overcame The Fear Of Public Speaking

Public Speaking – How To Overcome The Fear?

Many people are suffering from the problem of fear. Fear to face the audience, fear to face challenges, fear of public speaking and fear about failures. Some have the talent of a good speaker, but they can’t speak because of the fear to face the audience. Do you know how Rinku Sawhney overcame the fear of public speaking and turned her life into success?

Touch The Heart Of Your Children

How To Touch The Heart Of Your Children?

New generation children are a little naughty. Some parents and teachers find it difficult to handle them. They use the wrong method of shouting and punishing children for their mistakes. Instead of punishing, you can touch the heart of your children and guide them to the correct path.

Amazing Secrets About Forgiveness And Self-Forgiveness

Self-Forgiveness And Forgiveness | Amazing Secrets You Never Knew

It is difficult to forgive when you realise the mental pain but forgiving others is essential for your well being and peace of mind. Do you know the benefits of forgiveness and self-forgiveness? After reading the post and watching the video talk, you will realise the reason for your unhappiness, stress and other such problems and take a decision to make changes in your life through forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

Why Most People Never Get Rich

Get Rich | Why Most People Never Get Rich?

Many people cannot improve their lives or get rich because of their negative attitudes. They do not explore new ideas or even reject help offer from others because they are afraid of taking risks and fearful of failures.