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Arunima Sinha The First Woman Amputee To Climb Mount Vinson
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Arunima Sinha – The First Woman Amputee Climbed Mt. Vinson

We all know the importance of legs. If you don’t know just ask the persons who have no legs or difficulty with legs. We need legs to walk, run, climb, drive a vehicle. People with legs have difficulty to climb a mountain, or even a small hill. Arunima Sinha the first the first woman amputee to climb Mount Vinson proved that what is needed most is a brave heart. Her courage, determination and dedication played important role in achieving her goal.

Mansi Mehta Kishori Foundation Surat on TEDxDumas
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How Mansi Mehta Started Her Success Journey?

Have you heard the inspiring story of Mansi Mehta, a 15-year old student, poetess, and a column writer from Surat? Mansi Mehta is the Founder of an NGO known as ‘ Kishori Foundation”. She is working for Girls’ empowerment through Life skills, Education, Gender Equality and advance her dream of a literate country.

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