Dean Furness Wheelchair Athlete Real-Life Story

Wheelchair Athlete Dean Furness

Have you heard the inspirational real-life story of Wheelchair Athlete Dean Furness who aims to inspire others through a positive approach to owning each day? He advises people to overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others. Dean Furness met with an accident in 2011 which left him as a paraplegic without the use of his legs. … Read more

Lionel Messi Inspiring Story Success Rules

Lionel Messi Inspiring Story Quotes

Are you a fan of the great football player Lionel Messi?  His inspiring story, rules for success and quotes will give the motivation to face challenges and move forward to success in life. Lionel Messi – Top 10 Rules For Success Do it because you love it Always aim for more Ignore the little man … Read more