Mindset Shifts – Changes In Perspective And Mindset During Tough Times

Mindset Shifts During Tough Times

Have you ever felt difficult to manage tough times? Do you know mindset shifts, finding another way is important to manage during tough times? Changes in perspective and mindset will help you to overcome difficult times to make life successful with full of happiness.

Nomophobia Symptoms And Bad Effects On Your Health

Nomophobia Symptoms

Have you heard the term “Nomophobia”, an extreme fear of not having your phone or not being able to use it? How often do you use your smartphone for checking emails, social media notifications and chats? Do you feel anxious and stressful when you know you will lose internet service for a few hours? Do thoughts of being without your phone cause distress when misplaced or forgot to carry with you? Do you have trouble putting down your smartphone for a few seconds or when missing in the pocket? If you have any of these symptoms, you should give proper attention, because there is a possibility that you have nomophobia.

Self-Care Tips That You Can Implement In Your Life

Proven Self-Care Tips

As we all know, COVID-19 pandemic is affected the whole world and many people are in quarantine and isolation. In this situation of quarantine and isolation, learning and practising self-care tips are more important than ever. During a difficult time like these, we need to be willing to prioritise ourselves in order to keep everyone else healthy.

Lilly Singh Inspiring Story And Rules For Success

Lilly Singh IISuperwomanII Inspiring Story | Rules For Success

Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTuber of Indian descent widely known as IISuperwomanII. Lilly Singh proved that if there is will and dedication to the job, you can achieve success in life. Do you know the success story of Lilly Singh and her top 10 rules for success made her the Superwoman?

Deepika Padukone Success Rules Inspirational Speech

Deepika Padukone Inspirational Speech Success Rules

Many people know Deepika Padukone as a famous actress. But may not know she is a very powerful woman and a good motivational speaker. She is doing many free services to the poor and needy. I didn’t know this fact, but YouTube helped me to find her inspiring videos and I am really happy to know more … Read more

How To Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts?

Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts

Are you facing the problem of negative thoughts disturbing your mind often? Do you think that negative thoughts are reserved for just a few people and you are one of them? Not at all. Many people are struggling with this problem and it affects their life badly. It is very important to stop dwelling on … Read more

How To Cope With Anxiety And Depression?

How To Cope With Anxiety And Depression

Do you have anxiety or depression problem? Are you searching for how to cope with anxiety and depression? If yes, this post is for you. What is Depression? Depression and anxiety usually go hand-in-hand. Everybody deals with these conditions to some degree throughout their lives. However, if your symptoms are severe enough to be interfering … Read more