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Wheelchair Athlete Dean Furness

Dean Furness Wheelchair Athlete Real-Life Story

Have you heard the inspirational real-life story of Wheelchair Athlete Dean Furness who aims to inspire others through a positive approach to owning each day? He advises people to overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others. Dean Furness met with an accident in 2011 which left him as a paraplegic without the use of his legs. …

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CA Aspirant Success Mantra CA Kapil Malhotra

Every CA Aspirant Must Follow This Mantra

Are you a CA aspirant? Do you want to know what it takes to be a Chartered Accountant in India? Are you aware of the profession inside out along with the rigorous processes that every Chartered Accountant in India goes through? In this article, you will find the first-hand account of CA Kapil Malhotra, a professional Chartered Accountant, who shares things every CA aspirant must know and follow for success.

Maithili Thakur Famous Indian Classical Singer

Maithili Thakur 20-YO Famous Indian Singer Gem Of Bihar

Have you ever heard the sweet voice of 20-year old Maithili Thakur, the famous Indian singer trained in Indian Classical music? Do you know this little angel, daughter of Bihar, started learning music from the tender age of three years? Today, she and her two younger brothers are the sensations of the people of all ages and rocking on stages in India and abroad. Continue reading to know more about this inspirational girl and also watch her amazing singing videos.

assistive technology Haroon Kareem T K

Haroon Kareem T. K. Blind Student Wrote Kerala Class X Exam Using Laptop

15-year-old Haroon Kareem reportedly the first visually impaired student used a laptop to write the Kerala state board exams, without scribes. Let us find how he achieved success and created history using assistive technology which is also helpful for other visually impaired students.

Veena Venugopal

Veena Venugopal India’s First TV Anchor In A Wheelchair

Being in a wheelchair is no barrier to Veena Venugopal who is always vivacious, like a gurgling stream. She is always speaking with joyous abandon and a sense of optimism which is unparalleled. Her never give up attitude and the help of an NGO MIND, helped her overcome challenges and change her life into success. The wheelchair doesn’t limit Veena Venugopal from proving the power of dreaming high and achieving success in life. Her dedication and commitment helped her to achieve her goal to become the TV anchor in a wheelchair in India. Let’s congratulate and support her for success in life.

Ansar Shaikh IAS

Ansar Shaikh Son Of An Auto Driver Became IAS At 21

Are you a bright student wishes to achieve a successful top career like IAS or other professions? Do you think such top careers can’t fulfil because your poor parents can’t manage the cost required for such studies? Ansar Shaikh IAS, son of a poor auto driver proved that everything is possible if you have a desire and dedication to hard work. It is the positive attitude that sets Ansar Shaikh apart from others. He proves that your attitude to never back down, face challenges fearless of failures and be steadfast in achieving your goal will lead you to success.

Anju Rani Joy Paraplegic Woman World Record Winner

Anju Rani Joy Paraplegic Multi-Talented Woman

Have you read or heard the inspirational and unbelievable success story of Anju Rani Joy from Ernakulam, Kerala? Anju Rani Joy is a paraplegic woman, multi-talented and world record winner for the longest time lifting two glass jars (1kg each) upside down with two fingers of each hand. Anju Rani Joy is a multifaceted woman and her accomplishments so far have been stupendous. Anju is an actor, theatre artist, model, entrepreneur, record holder, media person, social worker and much more. Anju Rani Joy proves that difficulties make you a jewel.

Kaamya Karthikeyan Summited Mount Aconcagua

Kaamya Karthikeyan 12-yo Girl Summited Mount Aconcagua

Have you heard the inspirational success story of 12-year-old girl Kaamya Karthikeyan who became the youngest mountaineer in the world to climb Mount Aconcagua in Argentina? Little Kaamya Karthikeyan is a Seventh Standard student of Mumbai Navy Children’s School. Aconcagua is the highest peak outside of Asia, at 6962 metres above sea level. Are you wondering how this little girl …

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Kerala Man Sets Up Food Bank And Serves Free Lunch Daily

66-YO Kerala Man Sets Up Food Bank And Serves Free Lunch Daily

We all earn money for living and for our children. How many of us think about the poor and hungry who don’t have money to buy food. Gulf-returned Abdul Khadar and his wife, Sunitha set up a food bank in Irinjalakuda road, Thrissur, Kerala State, India. I found this news and thought his story would be good to inspire others.

Shivangi The First Woman Pilot Of Indian Navy

Shivangi The First Woman Pilot Of Indian Navy

These days trending news in the media and social media is about a Bihari girl Lieutenant Shivangi. She has raised the name of Bihar in history by becoming the first woman pilot of Indian Navy. Shivangi will join naval operations on completion of operational training on December 2, 2019. Let’s find her inspiring success story.