Secret Benefits Of Being Silent

5 Secret Benefits Of Being Silent – Why Silence Is Powerful?

Updated on December 7, 2023 by Mathukutty P. V.

Have you ever experienced the benefits of being silent in a conversation? You might have noticed in many discussions, wise people do not talk or interfere while the other person is talking. They will listen to the talk, observe and study well and reply only when their turn comes. They talk less but their words will be powerful and meaningful. Everybody will appreciate their talk and give maximum value. Do you know why silence is powerful?

Why being silent is better than uttering meaningless words?

As you know good communication is important for a successful life. You should speak words carefully. Ensure that your words never hurt the listener and also control loose talk and unnecessary arguments. Remember, a meaningful silence is better than meaningless words.

What does it mean by being silent?

Being silent is not only about being quiet but also about saying less about yourself. You can easily learn who actually wants to hear you. There are many people who notice your silence and will ask you your opinion. Unnecessarily speaking too much will only lead you to misunderstandings because not all people can relate to your perceptions. In some situations, silence is the best weapon. If you really want to have an upper hand over others you have to remain silent and observe others before you speak. Keeping silent is the best way to think while somebody is talking.

5 Secret Benefits Of Being Silent

  1. Appear more powerful
  2. Can Read people
  3. Have Self control
  4. Be Great listener
  5. Great negotiating tool
Advantages Of Being Silent
Benefits Of Being Silent

Appear more powerful

Do you know powerful people impress and intimidate others by saying less? They speak only when and what is necessary and ignore all other times. The more you say unnecessarily, the higher chance you have of looking like a fool. How do you feel when you hear someone constantly talking and praising themselves about how great they are? You would surely think they are full of crap.

Your appearance is important for your success. The most important benefit of being silent is it help you to appear more powerful. If you are often silent when you say something your words will mean more and carry more weight. Because of your silent nature, people will often find you an unpredictable person and hard to read. Hence when you speak they will be more drawn to you.

Can read people

A powerful skill you can learn by being silent is the power to read someone. This is an important benefit of being silent. Keeping often silent will help to listen and observe others while they are talking. This will help you to spot liars and see their true intentions if they slip up trying to fill the silence. You have the opportunity to read the body language of the other person and check if it matches the words they are saying. Based on a few observations of their words and body language you can start reading people. The information you collect from reading someone is powerful and you can use it to respond depending on your intentions. You are aware that you can’t take back once words are out. So, keeping silent is better than regret about something you didn’t want to say.

Have self-control

Do you know silence is a great way to help with self-control? Yes, one of the important benefits of being silent is that you gain more self-control. Sometimes, at your workplace, your superiors or colleagues might mistreat you. Because of your ego or anger, you might lash out immediately and feel satisfied at the moment, but you might have to pay for the same in the future. Ego is a bad thing because serving your ego only takes you further away from the things you want in life. You should control your tongue, calm down, and then respectfully hold your ground. Ensure that you have a strategic response rather than just vent your emotions immediately on the incident. Venting your emotions can make the situation worse even if your superior is wrong. You should address the situation properly and make sure everything is in your favour. If you are often mistreated though, you should leave the matter and place.

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Be a great listener

One of the benefits of being silent is that will help you to be a great listener. If you are a great listener, people will love talking to you. Don’t you feel bad if someone is not listening when you are talking? People want to be heard and understood while talking. As someone is speaking, by being silent and listening, you will make the other person feel good. You will appear more charismatic when you are comfortable talking less and listening more. Listening Is The Best Sincere Form Of Respect

Negotiation tool

Do you know silence is a great negotiation tool? As you know in all negotiations, both parties want something from the other. That is the real meaning of negotiation. Long-drawn out pauses and unnecessary arguments are uncomfortable for both parties. If you maintain silence, you will have the upper hand in negotiating. It is human nature to fill the void of silence. Looking at your silence the other person will get nervous and can cave into what you want. Your silence will make it appear that the other side needs you more than you need them. Also, you can use silence to observe the situation and plan out your next step. If you talk a lot, the other side might feel that you are nervous and they will have the upper hand in negotiations. Avoid giving too much information away because it can and will be used against you.

Silence is a great tool when negotiating because silence allows you to watch people better, and see their true intentions. Once you realise a person’s true intentions then you can speak up. That way two scenarios will happen. First, the other person will feel that you have the upper hand and his offer cannot compete. Second, you allow him to discredit you and allow him to make the decision you already were aware of. In conclusion, make sure you are confident when negotiating, and that you can back up your claims with evidence.

Summary – Benefits of being silent

  • What you say would mean more and carry more weight. Therefore will make you appear powerful.
  • You would be able to read people better (spotting liars and people with ill-intentions).
  • You will be a great listener which will make you appear more charismatic.
  • Silence is a great tool for negotiating since it will make the other party more nervous and submit to what you want.
  • Silence will help with self control and will not make you say things that will make you regret.


Being silent is good and there are many benefits of being silent. But it doesn’t mean to be always silent. For those who are confused, you have to choose your moment when you need to be silent. You can’t be silent all the time, and you can’t be chirping away like a parrot either. Knowing when to speak is more important.

Are you someone who talks a lot?

Are you someone who is more silent?

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