Respect And Love Exist In Close Relations As Well

Respect And Love Exist In Close Relations As Well

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

Sometimes you find yourself or other people acting like a different person when around different people outside and with close relations. Such people show respect and love in the talk and deeds with outsiders, but angry and disrespect for family members. They do not realise how important is it to respect those who are so “close” to them.

Respect And Love For Close Relations

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Love and respect go hand in hand. What is more important, Love or Respect? Respect is more important than love. Being disrespected always hurts more than being unloved. If you don’t get back the love you give, you feel empty and bad. But you will feel hurt way more than before if that person doesn’t respect you at all.

For many people, after-work anxiety is so common and to a degree, inevitable. Then on back to home stress hits like bricks. Without intending to, you bring office work with you at home. It’s sitting next to you, staring at you, and it feels like there’s nothing you can do.

An interesting short story

A busy lady was walking along the street when she accidentally collided with another lady. She supplicated pardon. The other lady resonated her pardon. Both smiled and left.

After reaching home when she was in the kitchen, her 5-year old son came running into the kitchen and collided with her. She yelled at him furiously and said, ‘ Go away’.

He cried. It was then that she noticed the little boy collecting flowers fallen on the floor. He reached near his mother, offered her flowers and said, “Is it not your Birthday today? I have collected these flowers for you.” She could notice the tears rolling down his eyes.

Have you ever experienced like this story?

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Respect and love for others

We show respect and love for unknown persons. We can build stronger relationships with family members and other close people if we show the same respect and love for them. We have different clothes for home and outside. The same way, many times, we exhibit different behaviour at home and outside.

Our behaviour adjusts according to status, power and personality of the person we interact with. But for relations which are close and informal, we get agitated easily.

We trust and give consolation to those who care about us. The same way we should try making other people motivated and enthusiastic.

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Different behaviour with close relations

Some people are polite, speak with respect and smile with others at work and on the road. Looking at them nobody can say they have a different face at home and with close relations.

They may be often quarrelling with family members, beating children for simple matters. Their children may be fearful to speak with them.

Sometimes this can be due to mental health problems. If that is the situation, they should consult a psychiatrist and take proper treatment.

You should realise that close relations are the best people to share your problems. They are the best to give us good suggestions and help to solve problems.

Children should have healthy relationships with their parents. Healthy communication with close relations is important for a happy life. Close relations are the people who care about us and whom we can trust throughout the life journey.

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Think about these

  • How often does this kind of behaviour play out in your family?
  • How quickly and often do you snap at your children?
  • If you are a child, do you disrespect parents?

There are three important components required in a family – Love, Respect and Trust. Without respect and love, a family cannot be healthy. It is important to remember that you do not have to agree in every matter with a family member. But it is important to respect their position and their opinions.

When family members respect one another, they share the love, and that brings joy and peace in the family.


Respecting your close relations and family members must be considered carefully because it is a tricky thing. The family is special because that kind of relationship you don’t share with your friends. No matter how dysfunctional, the family should be cherished. No matter how hard you may try you can’t get rid of those in your family. Always respect and love your family.

Do you have healthy communication with close relations?

What are the things you wish to change your behaviour for a peaceful family life?

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