Proven Ways To Stop Your Child From Lying -

Proven Ways To Stop Your Child From Lying

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2018)

How to stop your child from lying?

There can hardly be anyone who has never told a lie in their entire life. In our daily life many times we meet liars.  Sometimes we also tell lie depends on the situation.

When our own kids start telling lie we don’t know what to do. When children lie their parents feel guilty about it.

Do you know that your behavior in certain situations may also influence your child to hide the truth and forced to lie?

First of all, you should understand why your child is lying and when you found the root cause of the lie, take a positive approach to avoid the same in future. Click To Tweet

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9 Proven ways to stop your child from lying

Watch this animated video explaining 9 proven ways to stop your child from lying.


“Lying is an elementary means of self-defense.” Susan Sontag

Kids know the consequences

Very often children lie because they know that the truth brings punishment and they’re afraid of
it.  Don’t get angry at your child for every single little thing. Try to encourage to tell the truth
perhaps by making the punishment less severe.

Kids don’t want to upset parents

Most parents feel sad when they hear any bad news about their children. This is natural and out of love. Kids know about it. One of the reasons the child would rather lie to parents is simply because he or she loves parents and doesn’t want to make them upset.

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They don’t lie but fantasise

Childhood is a perfect time to play with imagination. Little kids see the world in completely different light.They try to see all the magic of this world. Sometimes they tell lie to hide what they have done with their imagination.

Kids tell lies because they don’t remember

It is natural that sometimes we forget things done or happened in the past. Children also have this problem. They are not a computer to remember everything when you ask something happened in a few days back. If the child is not telling the truth when you ask such incidents, it may be possible that the child is not purposefully lying but just remember the situation that way only.

Kids think that lying is polite

All parents want their children to be polite and teach them good manners. Being polite and being truthful unfortunately don’t always make a good match. Sometimes you are hiding the truth and telling lie when you try to be polite. Sometimes kids think that lying is right and polite.

Parents are programming the right answer

Parents often ask kids a question expecting only one single answer, but kids answer will be different. That is not a lie, but he/she knows that way only.

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Kids are afraid of changing roles

Kids spend a lot of their time playing with imagination and trying out different roles. At times children can be afraid of telling the truth about some bad things because they feel that
only villains from fairy tales or movie behave like what they have done.

Parents tell lies themselves

Parents are role models for most kids. Education starts at home. Kids watch and listen the happenings at home and for them what their parents are saying or doing is correct. A kid copies his/her parents in everything.

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4 Steps to take when your child lies – Infographic

4 Steps To Take When Your Child Lies

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Do you have any advice for parents out there who want to build a trust system with their children?

If you are a kid yourself what in your opinion can your parents do so you won’t feel like you have to hide the truth from them?

Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

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