Phrases That Make A Child Greedy

Phrases That Make A Child Greedy
(Last Updated On: October 22, 2022)

Do you know some phrases that make a child greedy? When using phrases, make sure that your words do not hurt or make a child greedy. Children don’t like someone taking their favourite things and giving them to others without asking. They don’t like throwing out their things secretly. There are many phrases that make a child greedy.

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Phrases That Make A Child Greedy

  • Share that with him now
  • Drink from this cup, dad has your cup
  • He doesn’t really need this one
  • Play by yourself
  • Clear your shelf for dad’s books

Share that with him

Teaching children to share things with others is an excellent lesson. But if you ask your child to share his favourite thing, he may not like it. Such kind of generosity won’t influence your child. If you try to deprive your child of something he values, you will become an enemy of him.

Drink from this cup, dad has your cup

You might have noticed that your child has his favourite things, and he doesn’t like others using them. Every child has their favourite things. No one else should use them. So, it is better to ask your child before you are giving his favourite things to others.

He doesn’t really need this one

When examinations are over or when something becomes old, many parents make their own decision as he doesn’t really need these things and they throw them out. You may not know what is important to your child, and what is not. Don’t secretly throw out a child’s things. Always ask before destroying.

Play by yourself

Playing with friends is a good practice for the social development of your child. Some parents do not allow their children to play with others. Socialising with their peers helps them learn how to share.

Clear your shelf for dad’s books

If possible, children should have a safe and separate space to keep their things. Avoid asking them to clear their space for the use of others. When you ask for that, the child thinks he has no importance and value in the house. Give them separate space and allow them to maintain things properly and neatly. That helps the child to handle things independently with discipline.


Every child is an individual having his own values for his things. Ensure that your words do not make your child greedy.

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Do you think your phrases make your child greedy?

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