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Why Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life | Moral Story And Poem

Why Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life

Updated on December 3, 2023 by Mathukutty P. V.

Have you ever stopped to consider the vital role that patience plays in achieving happiness and success in life? It’s no secret that anger and stress can wreak havoc on our well-being, both mentally and physically. But there’s a powerful antidote to these destructive forces, and it goes by the name of patience. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of patience, exploring how it can enhance your overall health and empower you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. So, let’s dive in and discover the transformative power of patience!

Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life

No one has the power to make another person angry or bring them to a state of calm solely through external actions or words. Instead, when an individual speaks or behaves in an angry manner, they are merely expressing the anger that already resides within them.

Think of it like trying to ignite a fire in an oven without a spark. Similarly, if someone harbours no internal anger, no amount of provocative words or actions will trigger their anger. Instead, they’ll respond with a smile, choosing to overlook your words. While you may be left feeling upset or stressed after the encounter, your mood remains unaffected. Have you ever crossed paths with such an individual in your life?

The moral story of the weaver and boys

Once upon a time, there lived a weaver who made a living by selling his meticulously crafted clothes on a bustling footpath. What set this weaver apart from the rest was his unwavering composure; no matter how hard someone tried to provoke him, he remained a paragon of tranquility.

Word of his unshakeable calmness reached the ears of two mischievous young boys who were determined to test the limits of his patience. With their mischievous plan in motion, the duo approached the weaver’s humble setup and casually inquired about the price of one of his fine cloths.

Without a hint of irritation, the weaver promptly quoted the price. But, instead of making a purchase, one of the boys decided to slice the cloth in half and boldly asked, “What’s the price for just half of this?” The weaver, still cool as a cucumber, offered half of the original price without batting an eyelid.

Undeterred, the boy continued his antics, cutting the cloth into even smaller sections and questioning the cost at each stage. The weaver, with unyielding patience, calmly replied, even as the cloth was reduced to tatters.

Despite their best efforts, the boys realized their attempts to ruffle the weaver’s feathers had failed. Defeated, they finally relented and offered the man the money for the cloth they had essentially destroyed.

However, the weaver surprised them once more by refusing their payment, uttering words that left a lasting impression: “I have no need for payment, for this cloth is now unusable to anyone.” His enduring tranquility in the face of provocation had not only withstood the test but also imparted a valuable lesson in patience and grace to all who witnessed it.

Many individuals, similar to this gentleman, can be found who remain composed and unfazed in the face of loss or insult.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

Bible Matthew 5:5

In media debates, I’ve observed certain individuals, both gentlemen and ladies, who consistently maintain their composure and refrain from uttering hurtful remarks. Instead, they wear a smile and respond calmly to the arguments put forth by the anchor and fellow participants.

In contrast, many others struggle to rein in their emotions. Their reactions are often characterized by shouting, noticeable changes in body language, flushed faces, and even visible facial tremors.

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.

Bible Ecclesiastes 7:9

I recall a time in the past when I would easily become infuriated by trivial matters. Patience was in short supply, and my reactions were swift and heated. Fortunately, I can now appreciate some progress on this front. While there are still occasional outbursts of anger, they occur far less frequently than before.

For those who grapple with anger issues, there is hope and room for improvement. Anger, as I’ve come to realize, is a detrimental emotion that can result in unforeseen and regrettable harm, both to oneself and to others.

How to cope with anger?

How to Remain Calm With People

Maintaining composure in the presence of individuals who test our patience is undoubtedly one of life’s invaluable skills.

What Is Patience – Poem

Author – Subi Nanthivarman 2019

What Is Patience? Poem
Poem – What Is Patience?

This poem was originally published on LinkedIn today. I have added it in the blog post with permission from the Author.


In conclusion, while it may be effortless to give in to negative emotions, it’s crucial that we exercise control over them. The tranquillity of one individual has the power to radiate and soothe not only within the family but also throughout society and even an entire nation. Let this serve as a reminder that patience remains an indispensable key to unlocking both happiness and success in our lives.

Do you think patience is necessary for a happy life?

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