Why Most People Never Get Rich
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Why Most People Never Get Rich

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2020)

Today many people have some common questions in their mind like “Why I can’t get rich like others?”. What is the secret to becoming rich? Is there any magic solution for earning lot of wealth? How successful became rich from zero to hero? Where can I find easy ways to become rich? If you have this kind of questions in your mind, don’t feel bad about it. But remember your worries about becoming rich will not help you to become successful. You must learn the secrets of successful people and make use of your time and energy to become successful in life. In this post, you can find a few links to learn the rules for the success of a few successful persons.

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Why Most People Never Get Rich?

Many people cannot improve their lives or get rich. The main reason for this is their negative attitudes. They do not explore new ideas or even reject help offer from other people. They are afraid of taking risks and fearful of failures. 

Why Most People Never Get Rich
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Why Most People Never Get Rich
The key to getting rich is fearless of failures and to keep losses small and win big. Click To Tweet

How Successful People Became Rich?

Most of us think successful people are born in a rich family and they had no struggle in their life.

But that is not true. Stories of successful rich persons will surprise you to notice they have struggled a lot and overcome many obstacles to achieve success.

They are not ashamed to tell their real story and the little jobs they have done in the past to feed their hungry stomach.

They never ignored little things. They continued to invest time, money and effort. Never gave up on failures but moved forward overcoming obstacles.

Learning is a never-ending journey for them and they learn new things every day.


Many people cannot get rich because they do not take any steps to make improvements in their lives. 

We have to understand the world revolves around value.

Dan Lok

“Most People Never Get Rich Because They Don’t Value Time!” | Dan Lok

Most People Never Get Rich
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Why Most People Never Get Rich – Dan Lok

This is a beautiful video, lessons from Dan Lok, a man who went from immigrating to Canada as a 14-year-old with no money and without knowing English at all. To failing at 13 businesses before finding his first success, becoming the king of high-ticket sales and one of the highest-paid consultants in real estate!

Get Rich – Dan Lok’s Rules For Success

  1. Be a macro thinker
  2. Provide more value
  3. Find great partners
  4. Stop saying “someday”
  5. Don’t expect support from others
  6. Listen to your customers
  7. Value your time
  8. Don’t be arrogant
  9. Use the “DIG” concept
  10. Believe
  11. BONUS – Have an entrepreneur’s mindset

In the video Dan Lok says most people never get rich because they don’t value time.

I got rich when I started valuing my time. Most people never get rich because they never value their time.
Get Rich  Dan Lok Quote
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Dan Lok Quote Get Rich

About Dan Lok

  • Came to Canada when he was 14 years old.
  • When he immigrated to Canada, he didn’t speak English, and he had no money.
  • Failed at 13 businesses before finding his first success.
  • Now, he’s one of the highest-paid and in-demand consultants in real estate.
  • Also known as The King of High-Ticket Sales.
  • His brand is a global movement with one mission: To empower 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to become successful in life and in business.
  • Founder or partner in more than fifteen companies in various industries.
  • An international best-selling author of over 12 books.
Motivational Quote Dan Lok
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Motivational Quote Dan Lok

You don’t need to be ready to do something. You don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going.

Dan Lok

The 4 rules of money

People are too busy valuing their money instead of valuing their time! That’s why most people are not rich. Click To Tweet
  1. Learn to Earn
  2. Learn to Spend
  3. Learn to Save
  4. Learn to Invest
If you want to get rich, have faith in yourself and your abilities. Click To Tweet

The beginning of every day, 86,400 seconds is credited in your life account? It is your responsibility to understand the value of this credit and well use it without wasting even 1 second. Remember at the end of the day, the balance time will be lost and the next day you will get another credit.

These seconds are much more powerful than money. You may ask why? Because you can always make more money but you can not always make more time. Lost or wasted money can earn again, but you can not bring back the time wasted. Realise the value of time and do not waste time.

Lost or wasted money can earn again, but you can not bring back the time wasted. Click To Tweet

How These People Became Successful?

Bill Gates Microsoft

Do you know how Bill Gates started and struggled to make Microsoft one of the biggest technology company while becoming the richest person in the world? Read the inspiring story of Bill Gates.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

He is the Founder and CEO of Facebook and named among the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world. Here are Mark Zuckerberg’s Top 10 Rules for Success.

Colonel Harland Sanders KFC

Find the success story of Colonel Harland Sanders how KFC started and became World’s Biggest Brand.

Steve Jobs Apple Founder

Steve Jobs was considered as the “Father of the Digital Revolution,” a “master of innovation,” and a “design perfectionist.” Here are Steve Jobs’ top 10 rules for success.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is an Indian industrialist, investor, philanthropist, and former chairman of Tata Group, and continues to head its charitable trusts. Find inspiring success story and success rules of Ratan Tata.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is known as The “Oracle of Omaha,” the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Read Warren Buffett success story and top 10 rules for success.

Jack Ma Alibaba

From handling multiple failures to achieving enormous success in his life, the success story of Jack Ma proves that hard work and dedication can change a person’s fortune.

Jeff Bezos Amazon

Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer founded by Jeff Bezos. You may like to read Jeff Bezos’ top 10 rules for success.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the man behind futuristic ideas like Tesla Motors, Hyperloop, SpaceX and PayPal to name a few. Find Elon Musk success story and top 10 rules for success.

Secrets Of Successful People

  • They are open-minded
  • Able to recognize good opportunities, test and grab them before missing the chance
  • Not afraid to take risks and take quick and timely action to achieve goals
  • Fearless of failures because they know and try to learn from their failures
  • Able to make good and steady progress to get make their life successful 

Final Thoughts

Get rich with knowledge and compassion. We need money to live, but money cannot buy everything required for a successful life.

Do not afraid to take risks, be fearless of failures, learn to overcome obstacles, enjoy little things in life, work hard and move forward to success. 

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3 thoughts on “Why Most People Never Get Rich”

  1. Yes, it is good to value time 1st not the money. That’s why we all say ”time is money”. Which means if a person values it, it’s easy for him/her to get money. Never allow to squander much of it for nothing.

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