The Story Of Three Pots - Moral Story For Kids

The Story Of Three Pots – Animated Moral Story For Kids

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2021)

Have you ever heard the moral story of three pots? This moral story teaches the lesson that one’s appearance matters nothing as long they are beneficial to others. Looks are not important but what we do for others is important for happiness and success in life. Continue reading the moral story of three pots and also don’t miss watching the animated video.

The Story Of Three Pots

Once there lived a pot maker named Murari in a village called Mahadevpur. He would make pots, sells them in the market and with that earnings, he would raise his family. He had three pots in his home.

Pot Maker
Murari Pot Maker

One day the three were talking to each other like this,

“friends, we have been friends like this for a very long time. I wish from my whole heart to live together like this forever. I wish to say, my dear friend.

But I don’t wish to live here anymore. How long should we stay here in a poor family like this? I wish someone to take me from here.

When the three pots were talking to each other, a rich man arrives at the pot maker. “listen, man, I want one nice good pot.”

Murari replied, “See sir, I don’t have a good pot or bad pot. All the pots are good. Whichever you want you can take it, sir, please don’t mind.”

The rich man said, “I don’t want a new pot but I want an old one.”

An old one, but sir I have all the new pots except the three pots which I am already using.

“Whatever it is I want an old pot.” the man was firm on his word.

Murari had no choice but to show him the three pots.

Amongst the three the rich man chose the third pot. On this the third pot says to the other two, “look my wish is fulfilled, I am going with a rich man.”

Now saying this the third pot feels happy. The rich man pays money to Murari and takes the pot home.

The pot feels very happy to be there.

Days go by, one day when the owner was filling the water in the pot, the pot gets broken from the top.

The rich man said himself, “oh, I brought this old pot thinking it will be stronger when compared to the new one. But look at this, it’s broken, now it is of no use to me, I should throw it.

The rich man keeps the pot away from home. The pot feels so sad and says to itself, “oh no, what should I do now? He left me abandoned. I was happy with my friends, but now I have no one to be called as mine.”

The pot sadly cries. Just then an old man passes by and sees the pot. He lifts the pot and takes it home. While the man was walking towards home, the pot thinks in its mind where he might be taking to a broken pot like me. The old man keeps it home, fills water in it regularly and drinks every day.

The pot asks the old man, “Sir, I am broken and I don’t look good, why did you bring me home? You could have bought a new one for yourself.”

The man replied, “Uh, I can’t afford to buy a new pot and if you are broken you are satisfying my thirst. That’s more important. Moreover, one’s appearance matters nothing as long they are beneficial to others. Remember it, okay! Appearance is not at all a matter.

The pot said, “You are absolutely right Sir, I was wrong. I always thought staying with the rich man will increase my value. But the truth is it doesn’t matter where we are, it is important how much we are beneficial for them.”

The pot gets its lesson. Since then it starts living happily.

After a few days, the old man brings the other two pots home. Pot three felt happy to see them and asked, “Prince, how come you both are here?”

Other posts replied, “we got scratches on us. Our owner kept us away from home. This kind old man brought us here.”

Meanwhile, the old man gets two plants and puts them in both the pots and waters them every day. Friend, you wanted to go with the rich man to be happy. But finally, the poor old man, made you realise you are still beneficial when the rest of the people thought you are useless. Not only you but also to us. Now I understood looks are not important but what we do for others is, be it rich or poor. Since then the three friends stick together happily with the old man.

This story of three pots teaches the lesson that your appearance matters nothing as long you are beneficial to others. Your look is not important but what you do for others is important for your happiness and successful life. Helping others is the best way to brighten your life.

The Story Of Three Pots – Animated Moral Story For Kids

Lesson From The Story Of Three Pots

All your friends may not be coming from rich families. Your parents may not have enough money to give you costly dresses and other items like your friends. Your parents may not have a four-wheeler to reach you in the school every day. They may be struggling a lot to feed their children, educate them in good schools and give them decent dress and uniforms. If yes, have you ever felt sad about the low income of your parents? Do you feel sad when you find your parents are unable to provide you with facilities like the children of rich parents?

Your look is not important for your success

It is natural for most children to feel sad and feel ashamed when they find that they are unable to match their look with their rich friends. But you should make your mind understand that look is not important for a successful life. If you read the stories of successful people, you will find that many of them were born in poor family backgrounds. Their parents had very normal incomes. They struggled a lot to manage the expenses for educating. But they never bothered about their look or lifestyle.

Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was the son of a boat owner from a small village. Do you know how Abdul Kalam, the great scientist, became the 11th president of India and one of India’s top motivational characters?

Do you know how Sundar Pichai, a small-town boy, from Chennai, became India’s Pride, by heading Google, the biggest company in the world?


I remember an old proverb in Malayalam, “Akkare nikkumbol, ikkare pacha ikkare nilkkumbol akkare pacha” which means “The hills look green that are far away“. But when you reach there, you will find the hills are the same as the other side hill. Many of us have this type of wrong thoughts. We are not satisfied with whatever we have.

Be happy with what you have

If you are able to feel happiness in whatever you have, whatever your parents can afford, then you will be always happy. Never compare your life with others lifestyles or statuses. Be happy with whatever you have and whatever your parents can afford with their small income. You have to face many challenges and failures in life. At that time don’t feed your mind with sadness like the broken pot. Always have faith in your skills and talents. Never stop believing in yourself even for a second.


Did you like the story of three pots? What did you learn from this story of three pots? You have noticed about the pot which was unhappy in the poor pot maker’s house. Wrong thinking made the pot happy for a few moments, but later it understood the reality. What should you do? You should be always happy with the gifts of God.

Did you like this story of three pots and the lesson?

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