Expert Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips

Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips

A good lifestyle is important for a healthy pregnancy. It is very important to follow expert healthy pregnancy lifestyle tips for the good health of the baby and mother. Having a baby is an exciting time that often inspires a woman to make healthier lifestyle choices. Pregnancy is a time to work toward a healthy body weight if needed. Since the baby fully depends on the mother, a pregnant woman should take proper care and follow a healthy lifestyle. Here you will find expert lifestyle tips during pregnancy on how to improve your eating, working, travel and physical activity habits.

Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips

Motherhood is the most beautiful aspect of womanhood. Here are a few tips for a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

Expert Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips
Expert Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips

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Diet Tips – Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle

During pregnancy, it is very important to continue to eat a healthy balanced diet.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast
  2. Eat foods with fiber
  3. Choose healthy snacks and snack more often
  4. Take folic acid regularly for the first three months
  5. Post three months take iron and calcium
  6. Avoid fishes that are high in mercury
  7. Eat 2 average meals of freshwater fish a week
  8. Stay away from soft cheese, processed food, excess key oil and butter
  9. Do not smoke and avoid alcohol
  10. Drink water of about 2.5 to 3 litters every day

Work Tips – Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle

  1. Limit your working hours to 8 hours per day
  2. Don’t get stressed
  3. Practice stressbusting activities like meditation, yoga, and walking
  4. Take breaks every 45 minutes
  5. Avoid lifting or carrying heavy things
  6. Avoid standing beyond 5 minutes
  7. While sitting and show adequate back support and put your feet up
  8. Eat home-cooked food in your workplace

Travel Tips – Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle

  • If your doctor approves the safest time to travel is during the 20th to 30thweek
  • Make a travel checklist and take the essentials in your hand baggage
  • If you’re flying, take your doctor’s advice and the airline’s permission
  • When travelling by road wear your seat belt in the correct way
  • Avoid jerky vehicles like bikes, buses and auto rickshaws
  • You may need to take precautionary vaccinations while travelling

Posture Tips – Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle

  • Always sit with a back support
  • When lying down gather pillow support
  • Lie on your sides
  • Ensure that your mattress does not sag
  • Walking 30 minutes per day is healthy

Final Thoughts

Hope you found the above healthy pregnancy lifestyle useful. Pregnancy is a blessing from the almighty and it is the responsibility of the pregnant woman to take proper care of the safety and health of the baby and mother. Consult your doctor timely, follow expert advice and live a healthy lifestyle.

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