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How Can Decrease Belly Fat With Proper Sleep?

Are you worried about your belly fat, high cholesterol level and sleeping problems? Do you know you can decrease belly fat naturally with a healthy lifestyle and proper sleep? Do you know your smartphone can cause increased belly fat and cause a heart attack? It is a fact that in the present world, many people irrespective of their age are facing these problems. Electronic devices, and social media entertainment all have changed our lifestyle causing problems with good sleep. Our junk food eating habits cause many health issues. When facing health problems, we consult a doctor and take medications that again cause problems. In this article, you will find a tiny little lifestyle change that you can do which will cause a big impact in your life. In the video, Dr Pal is explaining how you can use your sleep to decrease belly fat.

How to decrease belly fat naturally?

It is not necessary that you have to spend a lot of money to buy expensive supplements for weight loss because everything is naturally available, Sun, Moon, Sleep, and Water to lose belly fat.

If you sleep well, you can actually reduce your belly fat. An average adult requires around seven hours of good continuous sleep. Any disturbance during sleep will affect the quality of your sleep. Disturbance during sleep can be your kids or other family members, phone calls or notifications from social media on your smartphone in the middle of the night. Do you know about smartphone addiction problems?

In the video talk, Dr Pal says, “if you don’t get seven hours of continuous good quality sleep you will get seven inches of belly fat.” Let’s see how?

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This article is from the selected points of the video script of the talk of Dr Pal. You can watch the video at the bottom.

Cortisol hormone

Combining sleep and belly fat is a hormone called Cortisol. Sleep decreases the Cortisol hormone. It is an extremely important hormone. It’s called a fight or a flight hormone.

decrease belly fat Cortisol hormone

Cortisol gives you so much energy that whenever there is stress or it either fights with the stress or makes you run away from the stressor. Basically, when cortisol is secreted it gives you all the energy to fight the stressor like doing karate. If it cannot handle it, it will give you the energy to do man karate so that you can run away from it like a deer.

Cortisol physical indications
Cortisol physical indications

So if you disturb cortisol and make it secret unnecessarily, your body will not know what to do with all this energy. When there is no stressor to fight or flight all this energy will convert into belly fat thinking that you will need this energy in future.

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Dr Pal says, “I’m pretty sure cortisol has Indian genes because it always saves energy for your future but does not spend anything at the present moment. So the lower your cortisol, the lower your belly fat.

Circadian rhythm

The simplest way not to disturb cortisol to be secreted unnecessarily is to follow a circadian rhythm, follow a sleep-wake cycle. When it is sleeping you don’t wake it up. Cortisol wakes up when you wake up, gives you all this energy and sleeps in the evening and dies down by midnight. If you wake up cortisol after it sleeps, it will say, “don’t disturb the sleeping lion.”

Circadian Rhythms
Circadian Rhythms

Cortisol is like your phone, it wakes up fully charged in the morning, keeps you notified with this WhatsApp Medical university, Facebook medical school and dies down at midnight. If you don’t disturb cortisol, it will not disturb you.

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Waist Circumference

If your waist circumference is more than 80 centimetres in women and more than 90 centimetres in men, it is absolutely important that you follow the circadian rhythm of cortisol. You go to bed early with cortisol and you wake up early with cortisol. Cortisol is not your cousin who comes home for a vacation so you can chit-chat all night long. Cortisol is like your baby. You need to nurture it slowly and if it wakes up you need to sing a lullaby to make it sleep again. If not, it will sing a lullaby to you.


The number one reason that people are not getting good quality sleep these days is scrolling down their smartphones just before they go to sleep.

smartphone on bed

To have a good quality sleep you need a hormone called Melatonin. The more melatonin the better you sleep. Melatonin is secreted when you are surrounded by a dark environment. More the darker it is, the more the number of melatonin, and the better the sleep you get.


Our ancestors slept at sunset and woke up at sunrise because they didn’t have any light so they have tons of melatonin in their bodies. So sleeping was not a problem at all. When we started using artificial light after sunset, all these electronic devices, led light started to emit something called blue light. And this blue wavelength decreases the melatonin hormone, decreases the sleep quality, increases the cortisol and hence the problem.

Different lights
Different lights

Any device that we use emits lights with different colours at different wavelengths like blue, yellow, and red like Manja colour change but the most dangerous light is the blue light after sunset because it decreases the melatonin level the most.

The most important problem is the number one source of blue light is all the phones that we have right in our hands.

Smartphone blue light
Lady using a smartphone – Blue light

Why it is called Blue Light?

Though it is called blue light, it will not look like blue, it will just look like this white light that is emitting from the phone. It is just that it has a blue wavelength decreasing the melatonin after sunset. The blue light is so prominent that your phone will say, “I changed to blue colour”. Blue light is not a bad light. It’s actually a good light. Sunlight has so much blue light. The concept of blue light is to make you alert and be awake. That is what you need during the day and you don’t need that during the night.

Most of us definitely look at our smartphones before going to bed. This is particularly bad when you’re having a fight with your friend in a WhatsApp group about your actor’s flopped movie especially before going to bed. The fight gets intense and you’re waiting for your friend to reply to something and all you see is the friend is typing. And the more you wait for his typing, the more the melatonin is typing its resignation letter to leave your body.

So what happens now? You keep staring at the phone for his reply, the blue light goes into your retina decreases the melatonin, increases the cortisol levels and you’re waking up the cortisol causing you a problem. After waking up cortisol will be like, “Please come and fight with me.” It stores all the energy in belly fat. All this started with that stupid message in the WhatsApp group.

One of the other reasons that our ancestors slept so well was because they received notification through a pigeon’s letter. Now we receive notifications from social media. Our ancestors got exposed to blue light once in the blue moon. And now even on no moon day, we are exposed to blue light.

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Why phone can cause heart attacks?

So the more you scroll your phone before bed, the blue light goes into your retina, decreases the melatonin, decreases the quality of sleep, increases the cortisol, increases the belly fat, increases the cholesterol levels in your heart causes a heart attack. And that’s why phones can cause heart attacks.

Effect of blue light from electronic devices
Effect of blue light from electronic devices

So there are three categories of patients in which this concept is absolutely important.

  1. People who cannot fall asleep at all.
  2. People can fall asleep but they cannot maintain their sleep.
  3. You might be having a good sleep but you keep exposing yourself to the blue light.

The melatonin receptors go down and eventually you will fall into the first or the second category.

Proper sleep can help to decrease belly fat

What you can do to avoid this from happening? How proper sleep will help to decrease belly fat?

So now we can discuss what you can do to avoid this from happening.

Stay away from phone at least 2 hrs before bed

You need to stay away from your phone for at least two hours before going to bed. If two hours is too long, one hour, at least half an hour.

Follow the sleep week cycle of cortisol

You can follow the sleep week cycle of cortisol. Cortisol sleeps around 10 or 11 pm. You could also sleep along the same time period and wake up along with cortisol in the morning and follow this daily on a routine basis. For example, if you decide to sleep around 10 pm, you create an alarm or a reminder on your phone to keep the phone away half an hour before at 9 30 p.m. Remember the more you scroll, it increases your cholesterol, the heart takes a heavy toll.

Apply blue filters to your phone

The third thing that you can do is actually apply blue filters to your phone. In an iPhone, go to settings and type in the colour filter and choose colour filters and in that option turn it on. Once you turn it on it gives multiple options like a grayscale, and red-green filter. What you need is a colour tint. If you click this it becomes so warm that actually, it is red in colour. The more red it is, the better it is because it decreases the melatonin the least. The more warmer it is, the better for you for your sleep. But if you’re working a night shift unfortunately we cannot do much. We need to find an alternative solution. One good solution is to get blue light filter glasses. It is worth your investment. Please research that. It is going to help you a lot down the road.

Dr Pal says that he can guarantee you that whichever category of the patient that you belong to this method is going to definitely promote the quality of your sleep, decrease the cortisol level, and decrease the belly fat. This method combined with time-restricted feeding can guarantee you that your belly fat is going to come down.

How You Can Decrease Belly Fat Naturally?

Final Thoughts

Hope that you found the above simple points useful to decrease belly fat naturally and you will try to follow them. Play to your strength, play along with your circadian rhythm, and you will have beautiful benefits. If you are forced to participate in any functions or get together late at night, wear your blue light filter glass. Try to follow the circadian rhythm of cortisol. Go to bed around 10 pm, and wake up in the morning when cortisol wakes up.

Stay safe. get vaccinated. don’t eat anything after 7 p.m, one belly at a time. It is absolutely important.

Do you have a sleep problem?

Do you have belly fat? If yes, what do you do to decrease belly fat?

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