Conjoined Twins Sohna Singh And Mohna Singh

Indian Conjoined Twins Sohna Singh And Mohna Singh | Inspirational Story

Indian conjoined twins Sohna Singh and Mohna Singh are inspirations to others. The 19-year-old twins from Punjab, India, are conjoined at the torso and share a gallbladder, spleen and pair of legs. According to Doctors separation of twins would lead to one of them not surviving and hence they decided to live life to the fullest together. The Pingalwara Society in Amritsar, India, helped the twins to learn how to coordinate together. They have recently secured jobs as electricians in the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL), a field they have always been interested in.

Conjoined Twins Sohna Singh And Mohna Singh

They were born at Sucheta Kriplani Hospital in Delhi on June 14, 2003, and shifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The conjoined twins Sohna Singh and Mohna Singh, have two hearts, two pairs of arms, kidneys, and spinal cords but a single liver, gallbladder, spleen and one pair of legs.

Conjoined twins Sohna Singh and Mohna Singh
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The parents of the conjoined twins are Kamini and Surjit Kumar. Surjit is a taxi driver. They already had 3 daughters. Since they could not support the conjoined twin babies, the couple abandoned them when they were 2 months old.

After being abandoned by their parents, doctors at AIIMS contacted the Pingalwara Charitable Society in Amritsar. The twins grew up at the charity, which helped them become self-dependent. As the separation of two would cause sacrificing one, the two feel complete together. Aspiring to become singers, though Sohna and Mohna feel special when people come to them and click selfies, they don’t want an eye of sympathy on them. They were known as pranksters during their growing years.

These conjoined twins are like two brains in one body. Although they are connected by their bodies, they both have distinctive personalities and points of view, opinions and choices. The difference is in their personalities to not very difficult to spot. Among the conjoined twins, Sohna Singh is more dominating while Mohna Singh is the quiet and docile one.

Early Life Of Conjoined Twins Sohna Singh And Mohna Singh

On 15th August 2003, Independence Day, 15th August 2003, the conjoined twins were taken to All India Pingalwara Charitable Society (Regd.) in Amritsar. They received a warm welcome from Dr. Inderjit Kaur and she gave them the names Sohna and Mohna. The boys lovingly call her Biji. The home for the destitute was founded by writer-philanthropist Bhagat Puran Singh.

As advised by doctors at AIIMS to handle the conjoined sensitively and carefully, they have designated a separate room in the guest house and 4 nurses took care of the conjoined twins in shifts.

The conjoined twins Sohna Singh and Mohna Singh grew with the utmost love and care. They had grand celebrations on their first birthday and cut the cake in the shape of two interlinked hearts.

The success story of conjoined twins

Although the conjoined twins were very mischievous, pulling pranks on people in their adopted home, they were sharp and dedicated to their studies as well.

These boys were very inquisitive by nature. The conjoined twins wanted to open up every electrical appliance to see how it works and were eager to become self-reliant. After completing their diploma (electrician) from ITI, they bagged a job in the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL).

Conjoined Twins Sohna Mohna Cast Vote

Conjoined twins Sohna and Mohna cast their first votes at Manawal in Amritsar as two separate voters. They were given two voter id cards after the election commission decided to consider them as two separate voters.

Final Thoughts

The inspiring success story of conjoined twins Sohna Singh and Mohna Singh proves that life is such a blessing no matter in which shape you get it. Human experience, even when you are conjoined, is absolutely above everything else. Consciousness and the ability to feel emotions, reflect on the past and be imaginative about the future is truly a blessing and only a truly human mind can experience all of that.

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