Common Pregnancy Questions

Common Pregnancy Questions And Expert Answers

Many women, especially first-time pregnant women, have many common pregnancy questions making them worried. Pregnancy is a precious time for women. Most women feel overjoyed, confused, scared, and apprehensive when they find out they are pregnant. Women, especially first-time pregnant women, are filled with a bag of mixed emotions with so many questions running through their minds. It will fill their mind with a bunch of hows and whys, and what should and shouldn’t be done during pregnancy. This article covers answers to some of the most frequently asked, yet relevant, common pregnancy questions.

Common Pregnancy Questions

Can I continue my exercise routine now that I’m pregnant?

The most common question is about exercise during pregnancy. Because once you’re pregnant there is a family telling you to take rest, not do this, not exercise and all. But no. You can continue to exercise during pregnancy. In the first trimester, we just allow you to continue with your basic workout whatever you have been doing. Starting from the second trimester onwards you can continue to do your yoga, aerobics, and routine exercises. Only in exceptional cases where the placenta is low or you’re at a higher risk for preterm delivery, that is when we ask you to avoid or slow down a bit. But otherwise, exercise is a must during pregnancy. It helps you with your digestion, helps you avoid backache, and leg cramps and helps you have a safe and normal delivery as well.

Can I sleep in the daytime or should it be only the night sleep?

The next common question which women ask is about sleep patterns. Doctor, can I sleep in the daytime or should it be only night sleep? Generally, it is suggested to take a 30 minutes power nap in the afternoon at least an hour after a meal during pregnancy.

What is the position of sleep during pregnancy?

The other question that I get frequently is about which how to sleep. What is the position of sleep? It is preferred to sleep on the left side. Sometimes you can switch over to the right side but lying down on your back is not very good for the blood flowing to the baby.

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Should I sit while shifting from side to side?

The other question that I usually encounter is whether should I sit while shifting from side to side. There is no rule like that. You can turn from side to side on the bed. You do not have to sit in between the positions.

Can we eat non-vegetarian food during pregnancy?

The commonly asked question is about the diet and moreover with the non-vegetarian food. Doctor, it causes a lot of heat. Can we eat non-vegetarian food? Yes, absolutely. There’s a slight restriction on the intake of seafood in the first trimester because it may have high mercury content but otherwise, you can take non-vegetarian food rich in protein and which helps you become strong and it also helps in the growth of the baby.

What about dental procedures during pregnancy?

It is very common for women to have tooth decay during pregnancy. They come in the middle of the night with pain in the teeth. Dental procedures are usually done. Be it cavity filling or a root canal, they can be done in the second trimester of pregnancy. And it is very important for you to go for that dental checkup and get that sorted out because dental infections can also lead to preterm deliveries.

What about surgeries, other surgeries during pregnancy?

A lot of women get scared when we talk about surgery during pregnancy. Will it harm my baby? No. If at all it is an emergency. Say for example appendicitis or gallbladder stones which are causing severe pain, and renal stones which are causing repeated infections or pain. It is safe for you to go through surgeries during pregnancy especially, in the second trimester. Even for anaesthesia, there are safe medicines which can be used in pregnancy and through laparoscopy or open surgery the problems can be corrected.

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Can I travel during pregnancy?

The other common question that we face is about travel. The moment a woman conceives she wants to travel to her home town, or go to her mother’s place. So our usual recommendation is to travel after the first pregnancy ultrasound is performed. Once we make sure your pregnancy is fine and there are no other complications you can go ahead and travel. And if it is a long journey like say more than 18 to 20 hours it is better to wait till the second trimester of pregnancy.

What is the upper limit for travel?

Most airlines allow travelling up to 34 weeks of pregnancy. Between 28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy, you need to consult your doctor one or two days prior to the travel, take a fitness certificate and then you can go ahead to travel. However, we always suggest that by the time you enter the third trimester, you try to settle down at a place where you are planning to deliver so that the consulting doctor has enough time to understand your health case and help you out with the delivery process.

Are vaccines safe during pregnancy?

The final question that everyone asks is about vaccines. Doctor, are vaccines safe during pregnancy? There are a few vaccines which are recommended during pregnancy. One is the Tetanus vaccine, the other is called the Tdap vaccine, the three-in-one vaccine which protects you and your baby from tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough. In addition, the Hepatitis B vaccine can also be safely given during pregnancy. For certain high-risk individuals and recently the COVID vaccine has been approved. So it is safe for all pregnant women to take the COVID vaccination.

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Final Thoughts

This article covered only a few common pregnancy questions and expert answers. A pregnant woman might have more questions in her mind. Remember not to worry much or make your mind stressed. Always be happy, eat healthy food, and do regular exercise. But you should do everything as per the advice of your consulting doctor. It’s important to take the utmost care of your physical and mental health because that is important for giving birth to a healthy baby. Wishing you a happy journey into parenthood.

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References And Credits: Dr Sandhya Rani, Aster Women and Children’s Hospital, Bengaluru.

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