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Alcoholism And Drug Addiction Recovery
(Last Updated On: July 17, 2022)

Do you have an alcoholism or drug addiction problem? Do you know anyone near you, your friends or relatives who are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction? In this article I share some information gained through reading and watching videos. My aim is to help and save people from this bad habit that destroy the future of the addicted person and also the family. Continue reading to learn about Alcoholism And Drug Addiction Recovery.

Please remember this article is for informational purposes only and it’s not intended to replace your own physicians advice. You should consult your Doctor for proper treatment and recovery.

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Alcoholism and drug addiction recovery

As you know the usage of alcohol and drugs interferes and affects family life, social life, work, physical and mental health, emotional stability and even your spiritual life. Chemical dependency is a real problem which affects individuals from all walks of life. It tragically impacts the family and friends of the dependents.

In the present world, addiction is a major problem among teenagers to adults. In earlier days addiction was mainly meant for alcoholism or smoking. But today it changed a lot. Drug addiction, social media addiction, internet addiction, smartphone addiction and the list goes on.

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People get into this through self mistakes or through friends. Today many people are spreading this problem by selling materials on campus. They are mainly targeting students, mostly youth and pulling them into this dreaded disease and spoiling their future.

Innocent children don’t understand the bad effects in the beginning and they start enjoying it for pleasure.

An addiction heavily impacts a person's thoughts, feelings and acts. Most individuals with addictive disorders are aware of their problems and the bad effects, but they have difficulty stopping on their own. Click To Tweet

No one ever wishes to become addicted. Then why someone would try a substance or behaviour? There are countless reasons. Some find it a way to relieve stress. Some are driven by curiosity and peer pressure and some are pushed or encouraged by friends into this problem. Children who grow up in environments where drugs and alcohol are present have a greater risk of pushing into this problem.

Children eat and drink what their parents give them at home. When children see parents drinking alcohol, they have the curiosity to taste it. So, who is responsible for this? Parents should remember that children follow what their parents do.

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Alcoholism Drug Addiction Recovery
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Alcoholism And Drug Addiction Recovery | David Streem, MD

Watch this video interview with David Streem Md, Cleveland Clinic section head of the Alcohol & Drug Recovery Center. He is answering the questions about alcohol and drug addiction, treatment and recovery.

He is a board-certified psychiatrist, also board-certified in addiction medicine. He runs a treatment program. They have a hospital unit and outpatient treatment. They use really all the best practices evidence-based medical treatments and psychotherapy that we can to help people recover from substance use disorders and addiction.

What is the cause of addiction?

  • Is it a choice to use alcohol, drugs or any kind of such materials?
  • Is it considered an illness or disease?
  • Is it a character flaw?

Addiction is a brain disorder. Yes, we know it’s a brain disorder because there are abnormalities in folks who suffer from the disorder that we can find in the brain.

It’s part of a group of brain disorders that lead people to continue to do things over and over and over again. Even though they know that it’s not healthy or in their best interest but they still can’t stop.

What exactly happens when a person takes drugs or alcohol?

One of the interesting things about habit-forming drugs is that of course there are all kinds of medication substances drugs and they do all sorts of things. But we only abuse a certain relatively small class of these substances.

People don’t use antibiotics abusively. There are other medicines that people generally don’t abuse.

The group of substances that humans and many other mammals abuse do lots of different things in the body they make us feel lots of different ways. But there’s one thing. That small group of substances all do that distinguishes them from any other substances. And that’s that they cause a rather large release of a substance called dopamine into a part of the brain that’s sensitized to it.

When you combine that, particularly with people with a genetic predisposition which is about 60% of the variants in who becomes addicted. And who doesn’t then that leads to changes that lead to behavioural changes.

Does that mean that it’s genetic?

About 60% of the variability is based purely on genetic factors. And we also know that people who are adopted at birth away from. Let’s say parents who have addiction problems and they’re adopted into families that do not have an addiction history. So there’s no addiction in the family those folks have the same risks of addiction as their birth family. And when the reverse is true again genetics usually predominate and that predicts whether the kids later will have addiction problems.

What does alcohol abuse look like?

When people experience an alcohol use disorder they experience a loss of control over their use.

It’s like you went to an event or some situation and weren’t planning on drinking but ended up drinking. You had planned on drinking this much and ended up drinking this much. So anytime that seems out of control and people lose control of their drinking that’s a sign that there’s a problem.

Then when they have consequences related to their drinking whether they be family, health, or legal job and they don’t change their behaviour based on those consequences then that’s another sign that there’s a problem that’s developing.

What are the signs of addiction?

The most important thing is the issue of loss of control and that loss of control and the behaviour continue despite consequences. If people are continuing to rack up increasingly serious consequences and yet their behaviour doesn’t change more than anything else that you know often boils it down.

Source: YouTube

Horrifying status of drug abuse in India

In India drug addiction has become one of the biggest concerns right now and it is affecting the youth and the children of our country. According to a report by The First Post, lakhs of people are using drugs, nationally. These stats are really horrifying and prove that drug use in India has gone up rapidly in the past few years.

The National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi submitted its report “Magnitude of Substance Use in India”, in February 2019. That was sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The key findings of the survey

  1. At the national level, about 14.6 per cent of the people (approximately 16 crore people) between the ages of 10 and 75 are current users of alcohol.
  2. About 2.8 per cent of Indians (3.1 crore people) have reported using any cannabis product within the past 12 months.
  3. Around 2.06 per cent of the people reported using opioids at the time of the survey. About 0.55 per cent of Indians are estimated to need help for their opioid use problems.
  4. Nationally, it is estimated that there are about 8.5 lakh people who inject drugs (PWID)

How to talk to a teenager about drug addiction recovery

This infographic is a guide explaining how to talk to a teenager about drugs and drug abuse.

The interesting fact about addiction is that when you can stop, you don't want to stop. When you want to stop, you can't stop. Click To Tweet


Your life is a gift from the almighty for doing good and positive things and making life successful. You have no right to do anything wrong that can damage your life. If you are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, it is not too late to. Consult an expert counsellor or Doctor and follow their guidelines. If you know someone affected with alcoholism or drug addiction, motivate and help them with alcoholism and drug addiction recovery. Spread awareness to heal the wounds of the affected people and families.

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  1. I never thought to consider that addiction is a brain disorder. My sister got addicted to opiates at a young age and she’s been abusing them for a while now. I want to get her some help but I’m not sure what to do. I’ll have to look for a treatment center or something akin to that.

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