Many people are suffering from the problem of Addiction. Youth and teenagers are also addicted to different types of addiction. Smartphone addiction and Internet addiction has affected many people causing the problem in relationships and family life. But nothing to worry. You can easily recover from any type of addiction with self-improvement and expert advice. Real life stories of addiction recovery will motivate for addiction recovery.

Smartphone Addiction Is Dangerous Than Drug Addiction 

Parents Beware | This Is Dangerous Than Drug Addiction 

One of the most anxiety-producing issues of 21st-century life is Smartphone addiction. Small kids are addicted to using smartphones for playing video games and other entertainments. Abnormal usage of screentime will affect their health and brain development. Many parents don’t realise the fact that this is dangerous than drug addiction. Recently, The World Health Organization issued strict new guidelines on the usage and risks of smartphone addiction among kids.

Addiction And Recovery

What is Addiction and How to Recover

What is addiction? Addiction is when the body or mind badly wants or needs something in order to work right. When you have addiction to something it is called being addicted or being an addict. People can be addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, and many other things. When somebody is addicted to something, they …

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