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ABC Phonics For Kids

ABC Phonics For Kids | How To Spell English Words

Updated on May 8, 2024 by Mathukutty P. V.

ABC phonics for kids and how to spell English words that start with each letter of the alphabet is very good to teach your kids. Your kids will enjoy learning through the flashcards and the wonderful presentation. Are you excited? Ok! Let’s begin.

Learn How To Spell English Words And ABC Phonics For Kids

How To Spell English Words?

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A For Apple

Apples are yummy fruit.

B For Ball

Balls are round and bouncy and are mostly used in sports.

C For Cat

Cats are cute and furry pets. meow meow.

D For Drum

A drum is a musical instrument that makes a boom sound when hit by a drumstick.

E For Egg

Eggs are good for health.

F For Fish

Fish have gills that help them to breed in the water.

G For Goat

Goats have horns and they are raised on farms.

H For Hat

We use hats to protect our heads when it’s too hot or too cold.

I For Iguana

Iguanas are reptiles.

J For Jar

The jar is used for keeping goods.

K For Kite

It’s super fun to fly a kite.

L For Lion

Lions like to hunt and they live in groups called pride.

M For Moon

The moon is the earth’s neighbour and we usually see it shine brightly at night.

N For Nest

The nest is where a bird lays its eggs.

O For Owl

Aside from having those big eyes, owls are only active at night.

P For Pen

Pens are used for writing and drawing.

Q For Queen

The queen lives in the castle with the king.

R For Robot

A robot is a very cool toy that makes a sound.

S For Sun

The sun is a giant hot star that shines brightly during the daytime.

T For Tree

Trees give us wood to make furniture and other useful items.

U For Unicorn

A Unicorn is a mythical creature that looks like a pony.

V For Vase

A vase is used to hold flowers.

W For Whale

Whales are big and beautiful amazing mammals that live in the deep blue sea.

X For Xylophone

The xylophone is a musical instrument played using a mallet.

Y For Yacht

A yacht is a beautiful big ship that runs faster than a regular boat.

Z For Zoo

We go to the zoo to see our favourite animals.


Hope you found the above ABC phonics for kids video and the related images useful to teach your kids. The animation and the presentation are very good and enjoyable to kids.

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